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pronouns: he/him, they/them

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RJ - Brasil
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Qafka asked about 4 hours ago · 7 Answers
Under the assumption that deities exist, what seems more likely to you: monotheism or polytheism?

Polytheism, although there could be some kind of hierarchy between "gods"

Daniel asked about 4 hours ago · 5 Answers
Would you feel lonelier without the internet?

As of 2020, I would

Wasserpistole asked about 8 hours ago · 11 Answers
What do you think about forty year old virgins? Do you really have a problem with them?

I don't see why I would have issues with them, especially since I can potentially become one

Daniel asked about 7 hours ago · 6 Answers
Would you take a covid-vaccine that kills you with a chance of 1 to 100000?

Yes. Math says it's safer than covid

Daniel asked about 9 hours ago · 7 Answers
When was the last time that you have seen a wild boar? Where was it? How did it make you feel?


Antho asked about 11 hours ago · 4 Answers
Do you know when it's best to give yourself space?

Barely. I can't exactly relax, even if I want to.

Abeze asked about 14 hours ago · 4 Answers
Why America doesn't have a super car ? France has Bugatti, Germany has Porsche, Italy has Ferrari, Britain has Aston Martin etc.... jk America has super cars but they're not famous like Europe's ?

There's the hennessey venom gt, but it's just a highly tuned version of... A British car

Abeze asked about 15 hours ago · 2 Answers
What is the actual use of bon bon ?

To be eaten. Quickly. In big quantities.

Daniel asked about 16 hours ago · 13 Answers
What could be the most likely cause for a world war 3?

If the US weren't so powerful, I believe it would be happening right now. I don't think that we will have such a war in the next 100 years.

Abeze asked about 16 hours ago · 2 Answers
Do you inspire good architecture around you, do you have a saying in it ? #The build .

The only architecture that I apply is by making a dirty dish tower in the kitchen sink

Abeze asked about 16 hours ago · 2 Answers
You like something then you lose interest, why do you think so ? It's fake imo. Wbu ?

Our brains are built to behave exactly in this way, if we couldn't lose interest in something, I believe humanity would still be amused by making a fire every night, instead of thinking about how to do things better, idk

Abeze asked about 16 hours ago · 2 Answers
Do you ever listen to music and just start laughing? You have similar queer situations ?

Yeah, the music has to be funny though

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
Why do legs exist?

For locomotion purposes, I guess

ZouBisouBisou asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
George R. R. Martin or J. R. R. Tolkien?

Haven't read any of them yet

ZouBisouBisou asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
Star Trek or Star Wars?

Trek is best