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Nameless Grub asked 1 day ago

How tall do you think bomberman is

Nameless Grub asked 3 days ago

I stumbled on your twitter and I have absolutely no clue what most of what you are saying means, but I think you have a book out? That's some really great news! congratulations!

haha thank you. if you have no idea what my twitter means, you should definitely read my novel! you'll understand even less! or far too much!

Nameless Grub asked 27 days ago

Whats your relationship to power? Not in a generalized way, Im not asking you to place yourself somewhere along a continuum (not that you would) but like you individually... How do you... Engage with it... Does it exist in any small ways... Do i have to accept my little bug spot and stop fighting so they dont turn against me...?

I am crushed and chewed and gnashed in the jaws of power. I am helpless. I am shaped like the teeth that hammer from the satellites. When I was beaten, I was beaten. When I was used, I was used. I was not particularly cunning or special. The scars I gain give me the privilege of deciding what I will sacrifice next. God fits his fingers into my ribs and caresses my heart so that I shudder with the heat of it. He rests his thumbs on my chest like heavier truer lungs to mock my wheezing bags. He spits poison into my eyes and down my throat. The fluid in my spine is pressed from red hot grapes. He holds me up to humble the [...]

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Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

Top surgery Trianon has thrown me for a fucking loop. Do u mean he's transmasc. Is there transfem top surgery I'm not acquainted with. Is this a joke about the various tortures and mutilations. Help me I'm flailing like a little minnow in a whirlpool.

its a joke about the various tortures and mutilations

but also some girls like cutting their tits off and thats based. happy holidays!! 👉🐟

Nameless Grub asked 8 days ago

Did any of the pre-Sumerians that made the Crucialiths survive? For that matter, was an iteration of INNOCENT involved with them in those ancient times?

INNOCENT formed around the medieval period as a field branch of the church. This is the point in history where its mission was most clearly defined, although that may be romantic thinking. Their sub-divisions were: Inquisitor-knights (xrafstragan/xrafstar-killer to their enemies) (as seen in the story Soft Now), Alchemical Torture, and the Leech Farm, which extracted bodily fluids from xrafstar using leeches as a kind of bio-ampoule. Pop in case of emergency...

Before that, war with the mineral courts and the xrafstar daevas was conducted by mere armies and governments, which is largely ineffectual if your opponent is capable [...]

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Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

Hi! If you had to pick, what are your favourite Ballard/Ligotti stories? Do you like Anna Kavan?

Not sure if this is up your alley but re: physical edition of Serious Weakness, Grimscribe Press could be an option, they published The Half Freaks so "mature content" wouldn't be an issue

Ballard: End-game, the Lost Leonardo, the Reptile Enclosure, Deep End, the Voices of Time

Ligotti: The Bungalow House, The Town Manager, The Clown Puppet, The Red Tower

and probably more i forgot since i read both quite early in life

Haven't read Kavan. Good luck to her though.

Thanks for the rec but the word limit for that press is 7500 and they're closed for submissions. Serious Weakness is at least 400 pages of controversial material, and even though my print works have a record of selling out, presses aren't likely to touch something with that financial-cultural overhead. I'll get it up on KDP paperback at minimum though ✌

Nameless Grub asked 13 days ago

Trianon: Would Transitioning Have Saved Her?

tough call. definitely some body issues.

**********SPOILERS*********************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** *************************************************************** [...]

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Nameless Grub asked 13 days ago

oohhh the chocolate war. memories. do u have any thoughts on it

yessss the chocolate war is so real, the opposite of the message kids are usually cloyed with (individualism, false hope, magical thinking). perfectly captures the prison planet of high school. love that fucking book

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

Have you ever read Dog Ningen (fka Dog N-word)? "Rex is a half man half dog. He was created when a drunk old man forced himself on a stray female dog in the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a freak rejected by society. So one day… he’s gonna find that man, and rape HIM."

I have not read it but I AM familiar with it. A powerful premise with deep moral conviction. Yet I heard there was not as much dad rape as one might think and this has stayed my hand...I have time in my schedule ONLY for the most quality dadfucking.

Let us consider the competition. Father's Day (2011) began with a reasonable amount of dad rape yet veers away from its subject once more, anxiously realigning itself back to heterosexual harmony with the wholesome substitute of sisterfucking.

Father Figure (ALSO 2011¹, by Guilt|Pleasure) delves far more deeply into the symbolic and literal depths of the dad, and I would place it [...]

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Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

have you reach chaykin's black kiss 1 and 2?

skimmed it based on ur rec! some fun parts! the dialog is way denser than it has to be haha there's like no air in the damn thing at all and it could use it considering how cramped the art gets sometimes. some iconic lines though, i respect the hardboiled sockdolagizing of it all, looks great when people got POPPED! ill reply to this with a screen of my favorite line…and i appreciate you telling me of porn i didn't know about, love to see it!

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

has anyone ever called your work "porpnography"?

Nameless Grub asked 12 days ago

favourite, most impactful/defining grotesque and foul works of fiction (or non-fiction tbh)?

Early in life: Shintaro Kago, Naked Lunch, porn

Later: (picking a few random examples because a lot of things i absorb fall under this category) Kajaki, Megg and Mogg, Possessor, The Boxer's Omen, Fear and Hunger, more porn

Nameless Grub asked 12 days ago

do you know of any good writing on making interactive fiction/game stories? (also thank you for making WTWLA replayed it recently and it hit)

there is exactly zero good writing on this subject. to understand how to make a good game, look for the fear in the eyes of others, then show them desire behind the fence of your teeth. make them pay for every drop.

and thanks for playing my lil marker game glad you had a good time :^)

Nameless Grub asked 13 days ago

i just bought some sweet corn relish cause i saw it and remembered u mentioning it in "sandwy review #1" (2019) and 🤯 u were so right to put that shit in ur sandwy

yesssss relish is soooo good and when you add a little corn you just can't go wrong! i'm glad the prophecy of that fateful year has finally come true in such a delicious way...thanks for the update pardner 🤠

Nameless Grub asked 18 days ago

Im going out on a limb here (pops right arm off and places it at your feet) how do you feel about Lois Lowry. Do you have any Lois Lowry feelings. (Takes a step back to see if you'll sniff the limb)

haven't read this person. i'm glossing they're seminal dystopian YA though? My YA shit was like…the chocolate war, ronja the robbers daughter, his dark materials. thanks for the biomatter!!

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