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Nameless Grub asked 5 days ago

in love with your writing, it scratches my brain so good, read serious weakness in one sitting, keep thinking about it whenever the camper velourium tracks by coheed and cambria play. grabbed low kill shelter for the withdrawl and read it twice in one day, now i'm going through the blog and games. your work makes me want to create fearlessly, thank you so much for sharing it

i fucking love coheed, i listen to their albums all the time when i write--the baroque emotional texture and blend of styles fits how i feel about my stories. each part of the camper velourium has the sickest choruses. on the backend of forever...
thanks for fiending for my shit, i'll keep the supply coming 💜

MartyrousWitness asked 2 days ago

I loove ur games so much, thank yiu for existinggggg!

Nameless Grub asked 8 days ago

it's been a while since i've read serious weakness, but i think fondly of my time in trianon's head. it was a painful place to be, but a comfortable place to be. thank you for writing it ^-^

i'm glad it could be a comfy skull to hide in. sometimes a little pain is realer than safety that doesn't feel like anything. thanks for reading ^O^

Nameless Grub asked 4 days ago

Impossible, soul-crushing question: I just re-read Hot Allostatic Load, for probably the third time. People are saying things about me. How do I know whether they're telling the truth, or not? How do I go on living if I can't know whether I'm a monster or a victim? There's no chance you can give a useful answer to such an incomprehensible problem, but I'm desperate. Thank you. I'm sorry. I hope you're well.

Nameless Grub asked 19 days ago

will we ever see more of the sticky zeitgeist crew? i think the ending of the 3rd episode works but i’m still so invested in everyone in those games… bweppppp

Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

giving trianon cunt so we can ignore it and psychologically destroy him through his butthole anyways

lol i was talking to my friend about that. an underrated dynamic!

Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

i like the font on your blog so much i decided to use it when writing. good to increase the wriggly quality of words :)

Nameless Grub asked 8 days ago

Hello, what is your stance (if you have one) on Serious Weakness Paperback Cum Tributes? Asking for a friend

Nameless Grub asked 7 days ago

if insul and trianon wore a Single Gay Dangle Earring what would they each wear

they would never do ANYTHING gay. but trianon would wear whatever got forcibly stabbed through his lobe and made his stupid little head tilt lopsided and throw off his fragile autistic proprioception

Nameless Grub asked 7 days ago

how old is perfect tense meant to be?

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

Finished Serious Weakness yesterday. It feels like it's wedged in my head, the two boys clawed their way in. Can't remember the last time a fiction book ate at me this hard. Thank you so much for writing and sharing.

happy to share the boyworms that chewed through my amygdala!! thank you for reading 💜

Nameless Grub asked 20 days ago

Congratulations and thank you for writing an excellent novel. Serious Weakness spoke to something deep and repressed within me. It was simultaneously therapeutic and triggering to read. You have an insight into the human experience that, to me, is umatched.

thanks for entering the exposure therapy hell cage 💜 your words are very kind

Nameless Grub asked 2 months ago
Nameless Grub asked 26 days ago

hello i've played a few of your games and now want to get into your writing but am not sure where to start. or should i just entrust myself to fate and wander the porpentine world and go with whatever comes my way?

also, hope you are having a good day/night

Nameless Grub asked 16 days ago

on the paperback version of serious weakness you mention it being revised and polished and deluxe, what extent of edits did you consider valid to go into another edition of an already-published book? i haven't read the 'non-deluxe' edition to compare lol

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