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Nameless Grub asked 3 days ago

did you have any real-world bands/artists in mind when you were describing Dungeon Star's music?

Nameless Grub asked 8 days ago

i dont have a question, i just think the "ur a piece of shit" sibling and the "we can play the rpg game" sibling should kiss

Nameless Grub asked 15 days ago

what do i do when ive been writing a story, only to find out that it is You?

how do i get rid of you in my language?

Building from others is normal. It's how I started. If the amount is excessive, absorb other materials that have a strong enough mood to compete. Enough influences blended up = a unique voice, as long as you get your own bacteria in it. If you have someone else's freak in you, that means you have something pathetic and needy enough inside to make your own brew. So find that.

Nameless Grub asked 16 days ago

do u like the book diary of an oxygen thief?

Nameless Grub asked 17 days ago

Sometimes I find your work very frightening and difficult to read but it has immense spiritual value to me in a world that prohibits suffering (“these people who want everyone to have a good time”). My life is quite fearful and lonely but your writing and the example of your life give me hope. Thank you for all you do, hope your day is good. Here it is a clear dark blue night with stars but no moon.

I'm glad it's frightening and difficult. Not all suffering is spiritual, but I try to accomplish this with mine. The psycho nymph exile quote you picked is perfect too….

I'm sorry for your fearful and lonely life. Those things hurt so much. I hope you find tendrils outside of it. Thank you for the clear dark blue night, mine is a bright baby blue day, a pale afternoon powder. We will see if the night comes. Bless your heart!

Nameless Grub asked 17 days ago

Can I put a screenshot of your tweet about 'infirm of mind and body' doms in my zine about wanting that kind of dom ?

It's not a word i use, the tweet was a springboard for talking about something beyond that; but everything is analogous i suppose. Without context, i have no opinion. If you want permission, you can use it if your zine has at least 3 different slurs (under the CC BY-NC-ND-SO license (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs-SlursOnly)). If you want to steal it, you can steal it. Have a good day! 🦗

Nameless Grub asked 22 days ago

where do the names in serious weakness come from?

Trianon is a delicate name; ornate and beautiful and exposed

Insul evokes insular, insulate, insult; closed off and spiteful

withholding is power

the rest I leave to the reader or oblivion

Nameless Grub asked about 1 month ago

hey porpentine, I’ve been reading and playing your stuff for I think almost a decade now, since I was in high school, and the effect it’s had on my heart and brain and guts is immeasurable and complicated and wonderful. i hope that I can make something someday that can make people feel the way your work makes me feel. i’m glad I could get to see your stuff in this life. thank you, take care, and happy new year.

getting this message made me so happy. thank you for being so sweet. 💜 v important to hit all three of those organs!! BAM BAM SPLORCH

it is still weird feeling but good to know i'm part of the world over a period of time, that i have an existence...thank you for reading it for that long. everything i made came from an intense feeling something else gave me, i'm sure you can keep the chain going. ⚡✨

Nameless Grub asked 25 days ago

hii porpentine!! i love your work sm and your youtube vids keep me going

any idea if youll ever make vr stuff?

hii grub!! thank you :D i don't make VR stuff but i remember the year when art money was pushing hard on VR and VR grants were everywhere. the tech isn't accessible enough yet, i like sharing my art with a lot of people. my only interest in VR is a torture sim or some kind of autistic child soothing device.

Nameless Grub asked 24 days ago

do you think there are any trianon kinnies out there?

i've met at least 5 or 6 (50/50~ split between trianon and insul)

Nameless Grub asked 25 days ago

I got into your stuff from your games on Itch and I'm so glad you ended up writing full books, I love Serious weakness and Psycho Nymph Exile, (girlswamp is still killer tho) I remember there's som Burroughs influence, but what kinds of surreal authors influenced you? The weirder the better!

Thanks for the brand loyalty to DEVIL CORPORATION CHARITY™!! You never know how the grubs gonna pupate over here!! <333

Surreal recs: aeon flux, shintaro kago, grant morrison, the maxx, thecatamites

Nameless Grub asked 29 days ago

hiiiiii long time xrafstar enjoy first time question asker… i recently read the book ‘a little life’ because some people said it was ‘devestating’ and i’m down for a bit of suffering, but i ended up rlly hating it viscerally and i’m not sure why, especially since your work also burrows into the niche of like, torture, except your stuff infuses me with life energy. idk if you know of it, just been salivating for your Thoughts on this. lol. i hope you are having a good day ~

Nameless Grub asked 27 days ago

i can't even describe how your writing makes me feel but it's full of love i played with those we love alive late last night and it might be my favourite experience ever

thanks for getting it on you 💜 i love love 💝

Nameless Grub asked 25 days ago

What was it like working with ville callio on world hell mall?

good! i was just baby, it was a lifetime ago, but i think it was a very smooth collaboration for me. his art is some of my favorite in that aesthetic; i loved the soldiers and landscapes/buildings especially. so i was happy to see his fishing game blow up 8)

Nameless Grub asked about 1 month ago

What are some of your favorite paintings?

Dante and Virgil by Bouguereau

The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Dorothea Tanning

Flamingo Painting by Henri Robert Bresil

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