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Nameless Grub asked 4 days ago

i have been consuming ur media ALL day.. i caved n got serious weakness and was so curious -- are the perspective switches purposeful? they feel like it!! the switch from 3rd to 2nd makes it feel ever so slightly jarring, almost like u are Trianon but ur just dissociating.. does this make sense ?? was it purposeful ?? i have .. so many questions ..

it was actually an accident, i was trying to apply 2nd person and my finger slipped. the rest, as they say, is history...
heheh yeah i do it a lot in some books. it always felt natural to write that way. closer to how i think. because everything is part of everything else. and the dissociation/loss of identity is very important in serious weakness. thanks for noticing! i hope you have so much fun!!

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

it was definitely an intentional choice, and there’s other Trojan imagery in there (golden apples…) nice catch!!

well, assuming Insul isn't thoroughly dog-brain retard from chloramine poisoning
they go on a road trip and have nasty violent sex constantly
grifting through student spaces and house parties and stealing shit while everyone is drunk
just nonstop jacking shit and vandalizing
maybe one day they find someone to make their special project
someone with money or rich parents
and the weakness gets seriouser…

ghostrockband asked 3 days ago

Hello! My gfs gf got me low kill shelter for valentines and im absolutely in love with it. I wanted to ask what the inspiration was for Irans drink of choice of beer with cream and sweetener. Like whats up with that? I plan to try it soon. Thank you i love your work

aw, what a sweet gift 💘🦷

iran has autistic eating habits.
preferences for things that others find bad, or that soothe his senses. maybe it’s the only way he can stand the taste.
it is cute
alcohol is very bad for the body and i really don't condone it
just as i don’t condone eating another human being
but others should do what they like

thank you!!

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

i love that people get different things out of my stories. every element is very important to me ⚖️

i remember when i was still writing it, some friends were all about the romance and others experienced it only as horror.
that’s the beauty of horror porn
they’re failstates of each other.

yesss id and super ego, each needing something from the other.
wretched autistic soul!!!! punished retard…
i wanted to write something for that wounded part that can’t be healed with weak medicine. 💉

thank you so much 💜

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

i love the way you write dialogue, the way characters talk in your stories, it feels so real to me, i can imagine myself talking that way, and it feels so strange when people say that kind of dialogue is too stylised or stilted because for me it's in reverse, it's people in real life who don't talk like real people, people in real life who talk in ways that feel extremely false to me. what constitutes normal speech out there doesn't mean anything. but in your work i can actually find a conversation.

I appreciate that

I always loved stylized dialog.
my heart would beat faster when someone was talking in a certain way.
I’m inspired more by plays and movies than books.

if the emotion is true that's all that matters.
everything is paper.
there's only what you succeed at.

and yeah–“out there”, people use small talk to survive in a landscape where they must interact with a variety of people they don't care about
so it is a lubrication not a conversation.
I'm glad you can have one with my stories <3

Nameless Grub asked 7 days ago

you used the word "videolaga" in your last story, and it seems to be an original porpmanteau? i get the general gist of the meaning from context clues but i am curious what root word the "laga" part came from :>

i actually don't know. i heard it a lot in the archipelago bootleg video scene, videolaga, pornolaga, etc, but the etymology is lost. maybe one day i'll make a dictionary to the various xrafstar words...thanks for writing!

Nameless Grub asked 7 days ago

recently got a friend of mine to read serious weakness, and she's wondering where the penthouse and beach house were located? she says the story clearly exists in a real time and place, so you must have intended something

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

ch 12 cte hhhhhh finally someone is admitting feelings!!!!
- i love greenwich's perspective, what a voice, so measured, so reflective
- not only do we have daddy issues we will also have mommy issues
- oh, rubi... we would all love to watch movies with you
- everything just fits together so well, to make this distorted picture, so beautiful

-i love writing greenwich. the next episode has a scene with her and she's a big part of what's next
-you know i gotta put a family shaped hole in everything
-they would be funny movie watching partners because they have similar taste but opposite emotional reactions. rubi watches to become manic/horney, lazur watches to make himself sad (why???)
-thank you 💜 the next episode is nearly done, whenever i get a little more time with it. tktktk...

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

hello charity, may i commission seriweak fanart from an artist who also enjoyed it?

Nameless Grub asked 15 days ago

I recently became a fan of yours after hearing so much hype about serious weakness. I was tempted to buy the book but hesitated, not knowing if it was worth the money, but after reading Protection from Gravity, all the doubts left my mind. Although I was ashamed at first to admit that I enjoyed this type of story, I couldn't help but admit how erotic and immersive your stories are. Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to whatever you create next!

how fun to find it through that route
a gruesome demo disc…
i’m so glad you liked it!

nothing to be ashamed about, or maybe there is…the shame is what makes it so good…congrats on accepting the things that bring you happiness 🦎

what a kind and considerate letter, thank you!

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

I remember a tweet of yours from around a year ago where you posted a few paragraphs of a short story about an anorexic girl working checkout at a supermarket, did you ever finish that? I'd love to read it I think about it often.

oh yeah…“anorexic girl who jerks off to attack on titan as vore and gets ryona’d and force fed by tall brutish woman”…THAT OLD CHESTNUT
sadly a casualty of the other 1 million things i’m writing right now
it had some really good ideas but there was some missing pieces, and i know the only way i’ll get anything done is triage
but i do have some rancid women under development and they should pop up here and there

thank you for appreciating the little dreams i share!! <3

Nameless Grub asked 18 days ago

I really like Oenone (and the Insul/Oenone dichotomy for Trianon, if you will..) I thought the group dynamic was really interesting in e.g. Bullet Wife or the end of the novel where she and Insul are on more equal footing (in two dif ways haha). How do (or how could) her relationships with Insul and Tria progress past that point? I feel like as a character who’s kind of the hammer imparting societal pressures it’s interesting to see her as well as tria removed from that context

Nameless Grub asked about 1 month ago

i've been wondering this for a while, and i'm sorry if this is a strange question, but how long have you known insul and trianon? they feel like old friends, like they've known themselves and each other within you for a long time. :) thank you for inviting us to spend time with them!

i spent more than a year writing it, so at least a couple years? they are a familiar duality to me, split exaggerations of my own instincts, so i know them very well. it is interesting to think of characters as a body politic or fractured mind trying to find itself. for serious weakness it was almost like writing anti-personas…negated selves…two shadows trying to become human.

i spend the most time thinking about my more fantastical, corrupted characters. mundane characters with simple needs usually hide away when they’re done. but i’m glad they can live on in others. thank you <3

Nameless Grub asked 30 days ago

Firstly I wanted to let you know that in addition to your other works, Serious Weakness is a work of art that I don't think I'll ever forget. One of few and far between Real and True things I've read.
Secondly I was wondering how the old Dungeon Star shirt might look like.
Also in Seri Weak but Girls in one scene Insul says something about knowing that Tria only wants to do the same thing over and over and get filthier- was this meant to be highly interpretable or is this something specific?

Nameless Grub asked 29 days ago

love that headcanon
the pressure to rectify his hormone levels, to get “fixed”

contact with others captures a form of someone that is more static than they can ever actually be

i’m happy you felt this connection to the story
love ambiguity, so beautiful to me <3

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