she/he pronouns

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send me hate idc lol


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the bear asked about 1 month ago

ah sry 4 the late reply !! im glad ur doing good n i hope school is going well 4 u 🫶🏼 - m

ty! i've been alright but i am stressing out bc i have 3 classes that start today but i'll be fine 😅

the bear asked about 2 months ago

hi !! hru - anon m

i'm doing good! just nervous abt starting my new semester next week 🥸

the bear asked 2 months ago

ah im glad ur at least ok but i rly hope ur able to work thru them and heal as well... sending all my best wishes and love as well 🙏🏼 - anon m

the bear asked 3 months ago

how r uuuu - anon m

im doing ok. currently going through some personal issues but i'm slowly trying to get over them

the bear asked 4 months ago

exo and shinee comeback!!! how do u feel

im excited! the teaser pics for both comebacks look so good 🥰

the bear asked 4 months ago

hiii wanted to let u know, (idk if u know this) but the link in ur dnr for "fit basic dfi criteria", leads to basically a blank page !! sooo, i thought ill send u this (if u want it), an updated brand new one, https://listography.com/dnis !! (again u can do what u want obvi, but thought ill let u know in case u didn't realize !! :-0) - m

tysm! i've been meaning to change the link for that so ty for giving me a different link

the bear asked 4 months ago

ahh omg thank u smmm ☹️💗💗 ill be sure to follow when im back on twt lolzz. also, u wanted to wish u a very happy pride month !! may ur month be safe and that ur careful but that u enjoy it as well !! - m

yw!! happy pride month i'll be sure to be careful 💕💕

the bear asked 4 months ago

wahhh i wanna be ur oomf but alas im a kpop stan T_T - m

i’ll make an exception for you cuz you seem cool! also im gonna change my dfi cuz idrc who follows just as long as they’re not weird

the bear asked 5 months ago


the bear asked 5 months ago

hi idk if you'll even see this but hiii this is m n i just wanted 2 say hi :P

hiiii :D! i usually only sign in to this acc like once or twice a week cuz no one really sends anything lol

the bear asked 6 months ago

this isn't carrd related but you should listen to shooting star & left right by xg !

hi i meant to respond to this a few days ago but i did listen to both songs. i love the pre-chorus and chorus for shooting star and am obsessed with left right! also loved the mvs for both 💗

the bear asked 6 months ago

l would like to make a landing page

carrd has some templates that have landing pages and i suggest looking for any non pro tutorials on youtube to see if they may have any landing pages

the bear asked 10 months ago

hi! what font did you use for this site?? i really like it!

im assuming you're talking about this site? i used a font finder and it says it's the lexend font

the bear asked 10 months ago

helloo i was wondering if my resource carrd could be added to yours?

the bear asked about 1 year ago

haiii ^^!! i was wondering how 2 make my embeds pc and mobile friendly?? whenever i position my scrollboxes, they dont look right on one or the other, n i cant rlly find any tuts anywhere ><;; thankies in advance n have a nice day or night ^^!!! srry this is so lengthy

hii! i recommend this tutorial made by miucrd https://youtu.be/Jv-Tb4O_e0o that explains how you can adjust mobile settings for embeds on pc

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