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Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago

how do u make an image float? cant find any carrd codes or sources for it :(

you can just use this code https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GRN2SCL92U2M and instead of #float, you put whatever your element id is (e.g. #image01) + delete the div id part

Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago

Hi! Do you still have the gif for https://floras.uwu.ai/assets/images/gallery01/6b03824e_original.gif?v=8e6f099d if not thats alrr!!

Anonymous Coward asked 20 days ago

do you know any like web dividers for cards I hope u know what I'm talking abt

Anonymous Coward asked 25 days ago

how do you paste those codes, could you please make a tutorial???

i just used embeds & added css! you can use this https://liveweave.com/cssgen/index.html for the scrollboxes since it generates a code for you