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Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago

Regarding the FFXIV BB, do you plan to screen contributor's SNS and decide whether they're welcome to participate based off the fictional content they post that your team may deem immoral? (Garlean faves, villains, dark/taboo fictional tropes, dead dove, etc.) This has been an issue as of late and it would be wonderful to know before getting involved.

FFXIVBB will not be screening participants or enforcing content restrictions.

FFXIVBB also asks that participants try to bring the same perspective to participating in this challenge. We are here to collaborate and create new content together.

Before signing up, I request that folks read the rules, use their best judgment, and behave kindly to each other/their collaborator(s).

Rules for authors: https://ffxivbigbang.carrd.co/#rules-authors Rules for artists: https://ffxivbigbang.carrd.co/#rules-artists

Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago

Regarding the topic, are crossovers supported by in-game events (e.g. Dissidia's canon-compliant memory-loss thing, FFXIII with Lightning Strikes Back) permitted or should the fics be fully restricted to FFXIV proper?

This Big Bang aims to focus on FFXIV content. Which is to say, the heart and soul of a fic should be primarily about the characters/world/etc of FFXIV. However, while keeping that in mind, canon crossover elements are allowed.

Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago

For the Big Bang, what happens if a fic cannot be matched with an artist?

Because this is a Big Bang, the goal is to match every fic with art. That is the end goal and purpose of this collaborative event.

This hypothetical could possibly arise from several reasons, which would be approached differently, so I’ll try to clarify the approach in each situation.

There is a possibility, because this challenge is fandom-encompassing (i.e. not restricted to a particular ship, theme, or content restrictions), that niche content could theoretically be difficult to match. In the scenario where there’s no artist willing to illustrate for certain content (which I hope is an unlikely scenario), FFXIVBB will do everyth


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Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago

So for the FFXIVBB, are any pairings allowed? Or are there any pairings that are banned?

for ffxivbb, any and all pairings are allowed. in general, the challenge has no content restrictions but will require appropriate/thorough tagging and information.

for writers, please keep in mind that this is a collaborative event that involves match-ups. it may be hard to find a match for graphic or disturbing content.

as for artists concerned about matching with content they are not comfortable with, authors will be required to provide a complete listing of content warnings, summary, rating, and other fic information so that artists can match with content that suits their comfort level. artists will also have the option to note


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Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

I am using the thing !