i draw cute and dark art~! warning for Very heavy themes, please tread with care~

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ask me abt my ocs~! ✨


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secret admirer asked 14 days ago

I'm gonna open up Kienans stomach and plant kudzu in his guts so that no matter how much he might try to get rid of it, it will always come back, growing over and through and inside his body 😈

omg this is /devious/ with his power n kudzu already being the way it is the kudzu would go absolutely rampant~! u would probs hav 2 burn him alive all the time just 2 keep it from taking over the local ecosystem~ 🌿🌿🌿

secret admirer asked 14 days ago

Plugging kienan into a machine that puts his body through unbearable trauma over and over again until he destroys life as we know it, knowing full well he doesn't have it in him 😈

im confused abt what u mean here~? kienans powers do not include destroying things, even if he were evil he couldnt do that his powers just dont work that way,,,,~ 💦

secret admirer asked 14 days ago

Putting a piercing in Kienans clitty that shocks him at random intervals 😈 hopefully he heals around it and it becomes a permanent part of him

hehehe that would def work~! u could cut it out later of course but like,,,, u /would/ hav 2 cut it out, it wouldnt come out on its own~ >:3 he would be so nervous all the time, not knowing when it might make him drop smth important~! 🌸💗

secret admirer asked 14 days ago

Cutting Kienans eyes out and swallowing them 😈

dont 4get 2 make good use of the holes while ur at it b4 he heals~! 🌸💗✨

secret admirer asked 22 days ago

I will break him and eat his heart ad eternum. 😈 Making sure he is begging helplessly for death before finally giving in and ending it, only to do it all again over and over until the heat death of the universe ❤️

the ideal existence,,,,~ 🥺💗💗 whenever ppl talk abt that thought experiment thats like what if utopia was possible but only via the eternal suffering of One Child,,,,,, im always just what if that child was kienan,,,,,~ 🌸💗

secret admirer asked 23 days ago

Performing open heart surgery on kienan bc I love the way his blood seeps out. I love watching the heart writhe and wiggle when I take away its ability to live up to its purpose. I want to watch him squirm. I want to watch him suffer 😈

hey anon im in love wif uuuuu~ 😳🥺💗💗💗 playing wif kienans heart is such a special vulnerable thing, his magic is centered there so itd be constantly healing, a soft glow n the cardiac muscles writhing n trying to reknit themselves together in the wake of your scalpel,,, his screams would fade into tiny frightened whimpers as you poke n prod at the most intimate part of his body, his eyes glazing over as tears stream down his face n hes overwhelmed with the pain n the closeness of it all, n oh, he would love u, love u, how could he not when ur hands are buried in his chest, squeezing n violating his very heart~? 🌸💗

secret admirer asked 23 days ago

Your OCs are all stranded on a desert island with nothing but the sand around them and a single coconut tree. Nobody will come to save them. What do they all do?

welllll they can all live off eating kienan indefinitely so they have plenty of time 2 figure out an escape plan~! 😈💗✨ if pwettyboyfwens ocs are there, well, deoiridh is a vampire n he can fly so he can def go get help fnsbfbsnfbjsfbsb~ 💦💦

secret admirer asked 23 days ago

Can I eat Kienans heart?

hehehe u can~! he will die n his memories will reset when he regenerates so he wont remember u, but then u get 2 groom n torture n train him all over again~! 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked about 1 month ago

Holding a pistol against Kienans heart and firing every time he moans while I fuck him 😈

if u want he will giv u lots of pwetty liddle excuses~! better bring extra bullets~ 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked about 1 month ago

Cutting open Kienans tummy and tying together his intestines so his tummy hurts every time he eats 😈

ig he will just hav 2 starve,,,,~ 😔💗 but when hes so malnourished an thin on top of being so small, fucking him will be so sexie wif that bulge in his tummie standing out so starkly~! 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked about 1 month ago

Stealing Kienans brain. He's not using it anyway. 😈

unfortunately he will grow a new one and he will waste it just as much, ig u hav 2 punish him 4 that~! 😔😔

secret admirer asked about 1 month ago

Using kienan as a knife block while cooking, mixing his blood into my meal 😈

oh thatll def giv u extra vitality an stuff, good healthy choice~! 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked about 1 month ago

Breaking Kienans bones and fixing them out of place so they heal together wrong and make every one of his movements hurt 😈

/help this is so sexieeee wtf/~ 🥺💗🥺💗 liam would take such perverse pleasure lending his toy out to u~ 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked about 2 months ago

What if there was an Adventure atime miniseries about your OCs :0
Any idea what kinda plot or interactions yous like to see?

sdhsfhsbdsbdhd i feel like my oc concepts and themes are kinda dark for even adventure time unless it gets rlly weird and metaphorical~? but hmmm,,,, kienan in adventure time is a flower princess, so it might be interesting explore his kingdom being long lost when he wakes from an enchanted sleep, and have the story follow some other characters trying to be help him find his way home~? maybe finn, tho i also have talked on aethy abt how badly i want a susan and frieda spinoff so that would also be very cool~! i think it would be a very melancholy and nostalgic kind of tone, a story abt loss and loneliness and abt letting go,,,~ 🌸

secret admirer asked about 2 months ago

Would kienan leave the pack if he knew how to get back to the cult?

he would~ ;u; liam broke and brainwashed him so thoroughly he believes he needs liam to save him from his bad and selfish self. he loves ailios with all his heart but liam is the one person hes more loyal to, not out of love but out of fear~ 🌸 if liam told him to crawl over burning coals to get back to him he would do it~ 😔

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