i draw cute and dark art~! warning for Very heavy themes, please tread with care~

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ask me abt my ocs~! ✨


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Kay asked 6 months ago

What's the coolest thing you've seen on your journey?

honestly its just nice 2 see proper trees n hills again~! 💗💦 we have been living somewhere SO flat but we r originally from near the rockies so we have missed the green n the jagged horizon a lot~ ⛰️💗

secret admirer asked 9 months ago

What is your favorite sky? Like- what do the clouds look like and what are the colors and such?

i love the sky at the dark period just before dawn, when theres just enough glow at the horizon to see the silhouettes of the trees but not enough light to capture the atmosphere on camera~! here i painted u a quick example~ 🌌💗

secret admirer asked 7 months ago

What is kienan like hyped up on caffeine?

sbdbsndbanfbsn a mess~!! it intensifies his already overwhelming emotions so he cries on a hair trigger, anxious crying, frustrated crying, happie crying snffnabjfbdn he stims like crazie n just generally is. insane. fbfsjfbnsbdbdnns do not give him caffeine his tiny bodie cannot handle it~!! 💦💦

secret admirer asked 7 months ago

Kay here! You and pbf oc questionnaire:
Nickname someone calls them?
Favorite place?
Play any instruments?
Favorite food (besides the boy 😘)
Favorite fuck?
Coolest feature about them (that they are proud of)
Most embarrassing things about them?

secret admirer asked 7 months ago

Is there any scar on kienan you wish you could go into more detail on? I know he's got a lot but there's gotta be one that you as an artist is most interested in 🥰

ahaha oh yeah def, ty 4 asking~! his most important scar is on his forehead in any form, its liams seal~! ill need to draw it in proper detail on its own, its a cross wrapped in thorns with a rose at the center~ 🌹its a magical seal that was branded into kienans skin to bind him to liam, allowing liam to track and find him anywhere, constantly draw on his magic, and probably other sinister stuff kienan isnt aware of,,,~ 💗 im honestly v obsessed with all his scars so if u have more questions pls feel free 2 ask~! 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked 9 months ago

What does magical girl Kienans magic beam look like?

ahaha i kinda wound up doodling his wand n posing in his magical girl form than. the actual beam~ 💦 🍃🌸🍃

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Using a cattle brand to mark kienan as mine 😈 when it heals, I'll just keep going until it either doesn't heal or he dies (he will die)

ur mark can join the 1 liam left on his forehead as 1 of the scars that never rlly goes away,,, he can hide his scars with his shapeshifting but it takes effort 2 maintain~ 💗

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Brb asking the gods to turn you into an angel just so I can rip off your feathers one by one until your wings don't work anymore 😈

i would worship u 4 getting them back 4 me if i could just feel the wind under my wings 1 more time b4 u took them from me again~ 🥺💗💗

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Can I manipulate him? 🥺

as if u even need 2 ask~ 😇💗✨✨ (ty 4 asking~ 💗)

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Whos khangal?? 👀👀

khangal is my canon wol in ffxiv~! kienan exists in xiv as well but the msq is not remotely canon 4 him bc hes just a tiny dumb kid so i had 2 make a new boy 4 the story n 4 selfshipping with npcs fhsjfjshfsjfh~ 💦💦 hes a shy traumatized au ra boy who fights good but gets manipulated by everyone around him all the time~ 🪻💗

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Tell me all about your current obsession! 👀👀 I wanna know everything

sdbfbsnfbsjfjsbdbd im so xivpilled rn its disgusting~ 😭 my brain is a 24/7 rotisserie oven n the chickens r my wol khangal n his stupid heavensward boyfwens aymeric n estinien n im crying cause ive been looking at cool xiv artists works all day n i wanna join but im a filthy dirty badwrong lolisho artist fbdjfbdjfbshdbsbdbs im so sorry 4 this unhinged n pathetic answer fbsjfbdjfhdhf~ 😔💦💦 if u read this n still wanna know more abt khangals traumaporn backstory n how estinien raping khangal is So Romantic Actually umm ig lmk~? 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

You're a perfect little Twink 🥰

🥺💗🥺💗 dhsbdsbdbsbfjshf im trying vewy hard~! 💗💦💦

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

What you don't realize is that by believing me you're falling for my gaslighting 😘 silly, dumb little boy ❤️

,,,,,,,,,ohhh OHHHH fhjsndjjsjdjsjdhsjhf~ 😳💦💦💦💦💦💦 fhskfjsjjskdjjsdhd~ 💦💦

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

Sample size doesn't matter, trust me. I'm a completely trustworthy surveyor. Why would I lie? You're too cute to lie to ❤️

silly anon, dont u know the proper way 2 deal wif liddles is 2 gaslight us~? the cuter we r the more u must lie~! 💗✨✨

secret admirer asked 8 months ago

It's true, I ran a survey for the cutest on twt and it was a resounding "Lio"

im gonna hav 2 question ur sample size n uhhh the other statistics stuff~! 💗💦✨✨

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