Flufyf asked over 1 year ago

What do you listen to when you want something calm ?



Hiro de la Luna( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKa7wYuFEdM ) , la dernière musique d'avatar : la légende de Korra ( https://youtu.be/1pcxrdP3ums )

Plantasia, la musique pour les plantes et les personnes qui les aiment : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ScquRuRIyE

I go to youtube and I run a random "indie folk" playlist because I discovered that recently and I really like that.


Usually classical music.

Eve online OST, FTL OST, neat beats (excellent artiste)

my playlist chill on my foobar app

Classical music tbh

A winged Victory for the sullen works great


J'aime bien Twist My Arm de James Droll (beware, C triste)!

A "rain" playlist on YouTube, usually


4'33, en boucle.


Probably not quite what you're meaning, …but, 'brown noise' ( https://youtu.be/FcWgjCDPiP4 ). I have a one minute clip I listen to hundreds of times a night it screens out anything else, and doesn't have anything for your ear to follow. It's am


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Life is Strange OST (from both the original and before the storm)


Black Moth White Butterfly - The Serpent