Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about retrospring!

1. Who created this website and why?

Retrospring was founded by nilsding and pixeldesu, initially starting as a single-user PHP script, getting rewritten in Python and reaching its current iteration written in Ruby on Rails. It was made with the purpose of bringing back social aspects to answering questions with adding another layer to the entire process, which are comments. A lot of the planned features are based off of Formspring (now known as Spring), which is now replaced by, which we dislike for selling of our (and your data) and the censorship.

1.1 Why Retrospring?

First of all, we made several polls for new names, but no one had any good ideas, so we had to come up with something new, because the initial project name (justask) would cause problems with, since they hold a bunch of the justask-based domains for themselves. So we sat together one evening and Retrospring came to our mind because we want to bring old features from Formspring back to life in a new way! It's simple as that.

2. Do you do anything with our data?

No. We don't sell it to any third parties. Your data doesn't leave our servers, because we need it if any user does something illegal we have to provide the data or at least check it up and validate the cases ourselves. But anything other than that is not going to happen, such as us selling your precious data to big bad evil companies.

3. Can I contribute to the random question pool?

You are more than welcome too, over on Github!

4. What are motivation headers?

The motivation header is the short text shown in the top of the questionbox on your profile, motivating another user to ask you a question. You can write anything you want, but the best way using it would be including something like "Ask me anything!" or if you want questions about a special thing you did "Ask me anything about my project X!" so people know what they should ask you.

5. Why are anonymous users called "Anonymous Coward"?

First of all, anonymous users are indeed cowards, they should make an account! Fun sting aside, this is actually one-to-one copied off of the news/discussion site Slashdot where anonymous commenters got renamed to "Anonymous Coward".

6. Will Retrospring be available in different languages?

Yes, it sure will be! You'll just have to wait a bit, since we have to implement and change a lot of stuff before we can actually start adding other languages into Retrospring. If you want to help us translating the website, don't rush out yet, we will make an announcement when we start searching for people.

7. Can I format my questions/answers?

You sure can! We use a customized version of markdown for this. Wrap your text in following ways to format it! *italic* or _italic_, **bold** or __bold__ and ~~strikethrough~~

You can also create lists with this method:

* item 1
* item 2

Quotes? Here you go!:

> This is a quote from a famous person

Don't like the formatting? You can escape it with prepending a \ before the *, _ or >

8. Is this open-source software?

Yep! Retrospring runs justask an open source (AGPLv3) question and answer platform. If you want to contribute or report bugs you find in Retrospring, please look at our Github repository!