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Hannibal Lecter asked about 23 hours ago

AAAA omg tysm! I've been searching for the tuts everywhere! <3

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

hii i hope ur having an amazing day! is there any tutorial for this carrd? https://meilody.carrd.co

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

ty 4 all the help again,, ur an extremely patient n kind person 🙏🏼 - 🌈

no problem!! i hope everything's well now and im glad to help 🫶🫶

Hannibal Lecter asked 3 days ago

final question ahh,, would u see a notification in ur email if someone tried to login in ur acc in a new location with a special code being sent to yr email ??? :0 or can anyone get into ur acc w/o any notifs being sent in ur email.. just curious.. sry for being annoying abt this btw T_T still anxious abt this tbh - 🌈

i think so? i'm not sure if there'd be a special code but it says here (https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/7305876?hl=en) that you'll receive an email! and noo you're not being annoying, i completely understand!!

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

hi quick question but uh, do u know how to cancel a carrd plan or do u have just click auto renew off for it to be canceled?

hi yea you can turn it off so it won't automatically renew next year, or you can also choose to downgrade the plan if you no longer want the current plan (i think you won't get charged if you downgrade but you'll still have to pay for it next year, you can check this link for more info https://carrd.co/docs/pro/changing)

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

hi do yk how i could fix this? i tried changing the the overflow & container padding but neither worked lol https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1096551878831116309/1154153343485218986/Screen_Shot_2023-09-20_at_4.30.33_PM.png

hi sorry i'm not really sure, can you dm me the carrd link or the codes?

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

i got a reply n they said its bc i wasnt using it for awhile n it become "idle" so it sometimes logs u out.. even tho i was literally using it while saving my carrd but whatever . idk i changed my password regardless n checked what devices were there last n didnt see anything suspicious, maybe it was probs a glitch..? idk.. anyway thnx 4 the help n being patient w/ my breakdown 😣😖 sry again - 🌈

oh yea i think it could be a glitch, so hopefully everything's fine and safe 🙏🙏 and it's no problem!! i understand and i hope you feel much better now !!

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

ah thank you, im just so confused if something did happen to my acc aka someone logged in or whatever.. why didn’t i receive any email or “alert” abt it? has this happened to u before? sry just quite shaken up abt it 😞 - 🌈

it hasn't really happened to me before but yea i think you'll receive an email if someone did logged into your account, and it's ok don't apologise!! i'd be anxious too so i understand, i hope everything will turn out well and safe 🙏

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

ah sry for the late response, when i sent that it was rly late 4 me and i just quickly logged back in n just changed my password.. idk nothing looked off..? it just was kinda weird ngl that it just randomly happened :[ ill contact carrd like soon… can u pls lmk how i can? (also like. idk if this could be it but i was also logged out of my google acc at the same this happened n do u think could be it?) anyway uh. ty for the help 😞 - 🌈

it's okay! i think that's possible if you're using the same email as your google account, and sure i'll attach screenshots for better reference but basically you just click the menu button on the right and you'll see a "contact" option, choose a category and add your queries and they'll mostly respond within 24 hours!

Hannibal Lecter asked 4 days ago

ahhh kinda panicking?? rn but when i was working on some carrd i was apparently.. like. logged out..? while trying to save it.... n idk why bc i didnt log out or anything... :{ is this like normal or did smth happen ahhh pls lmk !!! - 🌈

are you still logged out? i’m not really sure why that happened, the only time i was logged out was when i was using a different google profile and i accidentally cleared my browser cache/data, so maybe you should contact carrd and see if there’s any security issue!!

Hannibal Lecter asked 6 days ago

hi hi !! quick little question,, do u know any tuts 4 this carrd? https://joshua.crd.co thnx sm n bye-bye :3 - 🌈

Hannibal Lecter asked 6 days ago

hi do you know how to space buttons out on hover? like the a:hover thing?

hi yes here's the code


buttons01 li a:hover {

letter-spacing: 0.5em;
transition: .4s;

you can change the letter-spacing to how wide you want it to be and the transition, and remember to add a hashtag in front of buttons01 (or your buttons element ID) bc hashtags don't show up on retrospring for some reason

Hannibal Lecter asked 7 days ago

do you know a tut for this? https://pin.it/6d60O52

Hannibal Lecter asked 8 days ago

hii so for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtARxP8ut7Y , how do you write all your informations in the about me container? do you write it in the \sinfo thingy orr

hii yes for the texts with \s you just add your information in "info" so it's like this \shello\si'm\sname and for the texts without \s you just enter your information like usual, virtualcrd has also made a tutorial for the scrollbox so you can check it for better reference

Hannibal Lecter asked 8 days ago

i love all your carrd tutorials! ^^ i aspire to be like you one day 💗💗

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