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Hannibal Lecter asked about 5 hours ago

hi do u know the font used for about, guidelines etc https://antoinette.crd.co

Hannibal Lecter asked about 18 hours ago

hi i’m a diff anon here. but to the anon who asked for a tut of this crd, check crdbun! https://weheartit.com/entry/361974219

Hannibal Lecter asked about 21 hours ago

hii!! what's the script for the music player for this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRDPdjLXkQo

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

hai do u allow tuts and non pro versions of ur carrds? ^^

hi no i don't sorry, if it's non pro remakes then sure but just no tuts!

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

hello! do you know/have any tuts for carrds like this? https://wony.ju.mp/

hi no there used to be a template but it’s deleted now :/

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

hai ! do you know a tut on this crd? https://weheartit.com/entry/361974219

Emi asked 26 days ago

hi! can you make a non pro tut on this carrd? (https://pin.it/6m3a31c/https://pin.it/35KnmBY) i'm kind of confused making it on my own

Hannibal Lecter asked 1 day ago

yeahh i meant two marks in one text element !! okayyy thank u, its not confusing dw ^^

Hannibal Lecter asked 2 days ago

hii how do i do two text marks in pro plus? like i know in standard i have to put mark and mark2 in an embed etc but how does it work in plus?? 🥲

hi do you mean two marks in one text element? if yes then you can’t really have two marks since there’s only one styling setting for highlighted text, but you can add another bold text and use it as a text mark and add the styling codes in Text: Bold, at least that’s how i do it in https://locket.crd.co sorry if it’s confusing 😭

Hannibal Lecter asked 2 days ago

not a crd question but i wonder how ppl don't like freak out whenever they see their crds on here or any other crd acc getting asked abt 😭😭 i saw like 5 of my crds on here am i'm like 🤯🤯🤯

the creator doesn’t allow tuts since he has comms set up

Hannibal Lecter asked 2 days ago

hi! in a carrd that i'm doing the bottom padding on the scroll box div doesn't work, do you know what it could be?

hi can you dm me the code bc i’m not really sure what you mean

Hannibal Lecter asked 2 days ago

person who talked about heart menu here !!!! YOU WERE RIGHT THANK U SO MUCH i fixed it finally 😭 ty really

Hannibal Lecter asked 3 days ago

hii so i was remaking a crd on my own and i kinda broke the heart flip menu .. it looks like that https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GnIbsFSfBp2viListGWeOyxM8wIgbQCy/view?usp=drivesdk and this is the whole code, if u know what i did wrong i'd be soso thankful for telling me:( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IqfV99Bd_hwJj1lNanNUG0OwRg4owRkl

hi is this the code you used? https://pastebin.com/4euwU4Nz i tried adding some of ur codes and it seems the .flip-card p { code is the issue, it messes up the whole thing after i added it so i think u can just add the font etc under .flip-card-back { it'd be easier if u could dm me the full code cause it's kinda hard to see what's the issue with only images 😭

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