Pandy asked 10 months ago · 8 Answers
What was the latest thing that made you realise someone you called a friend isn't a friend anymore?

Long rant coming through. I had a friend who has a habit of going out with possessive, controlling men. I would always have to cover for her whenever her boyfriends would ask me questions about her. Eventually I got sick of it and told her that she shouldn't put up with it. Her boyfriend saw the message and started calling me a slut and accusing me of taking her to nightclubs, even though I rarely saw her ( he also slabbered to me for being Catholic ), so I told him the truth about her. Then she texts me and accuses me of "slating her".. Funny, because she was always slut shaming girls, even girls that weren't sluts 😂 it led to an argument where she accused me of not being a true friend, even though she blocked me for a year and popped to me on Facebook as if nothing happened. Then she wrote an angry paragraph about me, calling me a "sectarian slag" and posted a screenshot of me calling her a crazy bitch. I don't hate her, I kind of feel sorry for her but she's a fucking nightmare 😂 whenever I started hanging out with her again, I was her only friend and now I know why.