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Why have people taken an interest in astrology recently?


Why have people taken an interest in astrology recently?

It's half as dumb as religion, which is dumb enough for me.
I didn't know the interest has surged. More isolation, time on people's hands, due to the p___.

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because they find it interesting

Answered by xvilyv

Do they? There are late night shows hosted by nutty people who do nothing else but talk about astrology? Is that an increasing trend now? horror

because life is suffering and astrology is fun, introspective, distracting

Apparently lesbians love astrology, so when word got out that "Alice likes the ladies" many women picked up horoscopes by the thousands in hopes I'd see them reading one via chance encounter.

Desperation? I don't know. Maybe after that doesn't work THEN we can go to torches and pitchforks

idk, for a while i thought it's a meme but apparently there is really an increasing number of people who believe in this bullshit

Answered by Daniel

I think this year has made people have to take a hard look at themselves. Most people are probably starting to realise how little substance their lives have, so in a desperate attempt to have interests and seem different from the others - astrology is ther


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Answered by Pandy

Astrology gays made it seem fun and hip.

Or maybe it's because the present has become so much more unsettling, and the future seems so much more unclear, that people are desperate for distractions that give them the illusion of control

Could be both


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I don't feel or see that but let them enjoy, if they doing it right they can learn something.