korstybai asked 3 months ago

What was the worst present you received?


What was the worst present you received?

Probably a set of plates when I won some science contest in middle school. Seriously, what the fuck?!

Answered by Arman

A keyboard. I rejected it.

Answered by board

balloons shaped like condoms. it was a gag gift. literally everyone gave well thought out, meaningful gifts for a little christmas gift exchange and yet I got those

A large, painted, flat hand with a blue painted mosquito sucking out of it made out of junk.

Answered by inhahe

Whatever its still a present

Answered by J1smith


Answered by xvilyv

The present of life.

A teddy bear night gown. i was like wtf did I do to you to deserve such a disgrace? haha.

Secret Santa, some nutty chocolate. I'm not a fan of nutty chocolate. Just gave them to my dad. Grumpy because I put a tonne of effort into my secret santa that year.

Answered by Pandy

My dad brought me to a jewelry store on my birthday, gave me a budget, and told me to pick something and he'd buy it.. What's worse was he rushed me into making a decision.