korstybai asked 3 months ago

Have you ever tried edibles?


Have you ever tried edibles?

Tried them once, a couple of years ago. My aunt gave them to me. It was in Michigan, where I think they're illegal. I barely noticed any change, maybe a very slight high, or something like it but that did nothing for me. Then about an hour later it made me


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Answered by inhahe

No, I've never tried any form of pot.

Answered by ASouza

no and don't want to

Answered by xvilyv

Nope, but my youngest child told me that I looked like the type to start consuming them after I develop arthritis in my old (er) age.

Answered by LaDamaX

No, but I would if I had the opportunity.


Answered by Pandy

Edible Autopsy is a good song.

Answered by board

Sure. They my preferred method actually. But u have to go lightly. One guy gave me a 400 mg dose. To clarify 25mg is more than enough. They found me naked in my backyard screaming I'M MERCURY!! 🤣

not on PURPOSE!

My ex's best friend was a baker and she would do this thing where she'd infuse the devil's lettuce into butter and make various baked goods with it, 9/10 would pay for a clean urine sample

? Edible what?

I prefer edibles to smoking cannabis, so yes I do it every once in a while.