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What are you thoughts on people body shaming Billie Eilish?


What are you thoughts on people body shaming Billie Eilish?

good they're right. I hate her, her music is terrible plus she is weird asf.

Answered by xvilyv

I've seen some of the memes, and it seems she's the new Chloë Grace Moretz, in that respect. It's obviously not nice for her and I hope she's able to ignore it. It's a part of being famous, unfortunately.

I don't follow her music or the news around her life and wasn't aware of the fact that some people body-shamed her. However, one thing is obvious to me: It's blatantly wrong to make fun of someone because of their body.

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Answered by Pandy

It's just pretty wild that you can still 'shock' people, becoming a trending topic, or make the news by existing in your body. Also, I know "she's 18 now!" but it's especially creepy that people are so interested in what her body looks like and so hyperf


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No, why?

It's a shame that she let herself go like that, but body-shaming her won't make her lose weight, and if it did it would be for the wrong reasons. I'm sure it hurts, like a thorn in her side, or at least weighs her energies down in some way.

Answered by inhahe

maybe people should mind their business ? but if they really don't want to, maybe they should worry about Mitch McConnell because he actually doesn't look healthy rn, and his health actually has an impact on the daily lives of people <3

“I may be a friendless, talent-free, uneducated loser that’s never accomplished anything in life but at least I’m not fat/brown/black/disabled/jewish/short/gay!” (Delete as appropriate.) _Newsflash! Talented woman who doesn’t resemble heavily made-up stick


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Answered by Penelope

It's dumb, she's fine, whatever, I don't really spend much time thinking about people's bodies, I want people to be happy, if you're happy fat, then cool, if you get your jollies making other people feel shitty about being fat, then you suck. Good talk eve


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Why would sb do that?

They are? Why did she gain some weight or something? I'm generally against body shaming, but also don't believe in "fat acceptance". Being unhealthy isn't a virtue.