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What was the worst year of your life and why?


What was the worst year of your life and why?

Hard to choose just one tbh..

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Answered by xvilyv

2012-13, because it was like 18 months of walking around skinless after being stripped naked and skinned with a dull knife. I was D E S T R O Y E D

Mentally it was the year when my girlfriend Nana and I broke up and physically it was the year after being diagnosed with cancer.

I remember thinking in 1986 that it was the worst year of my life. (I was only 8 then.) I don't remember why specifically, but my parents were absolutely horrible, vicious and I think maybe I'd spend hours every day crying, but don't know really.

Answered by inhahe

sophomore year of college / age 20, bc i constantly wanted to kms <3

About 4 years into my marriage. It was at its breaking point and could have gone many ways. I was horribly depressed.

Answered by LaDamaX

2017, when my organs started a coup that rages to this day

I think it was about 11-13 years ago. It's still my current rock bottom.

Answered by Pandy

None. Just a few hiccups that don't consider bad because lessons learned

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  1. A lot that could've gone wrong went wrong, even ran away for a while because problems at home.. All it seemed to do was make my parents livid.

Oh love they've all been pretty shitty that's like pick the prettiest pony by looking at there ass😁