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What is the hardest mathematical problem you can solve?


What is the hardest mathematical problem you can solve?

If Gus ate half the damn pizza (again) how come we still gotta split the cost 4 ways??

I don’t know. I haven’t seen much beyond a 5th grade level for many years and I’ve likely forgotten much of what I learned in high school/university. :(

That's a 1 banana right, that's a 2 banana right. 1 banana plus two banana equals three banana 😆


I'm not great at math so my ceiling is lower than some of the other answers given here. I absolutely cannot do linear algebra with 3 or more variables. Too many moving parts for me.

Integral calculation, differential calculus and some other things.

Add math.This subject not easy

Add math.This subject not easy

I guess solving separable partial differential equations with simple boundary conditions if you give me a few minutes to refresh my knowledge

idk maybe finding the intersections between two ovals or something.

I took a GCSE maths course a few years ago, because I never got any qualifications in school, and I got a B. But I reckon that by now I've forgotten most of what I learned, so at best, probably the kind of problem the average secondary school kid would be


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