korstybai asked 4 months ago

Are big foreheads noticeable or off putting?


Are big foreheads noticeable or off putting?

They're noticeable, at least if they're too big. I'm not like hyper-sensitive to big foreheads. And they can be a little off-putting, not too much. Sometimes they can even be attractive. My girlfriend once said my face is almost perfect, except my forehead


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Answered by inhahe

I usually don't notice unless someone else points it out


Answered by J1smith

Yeh, people notice mine. I've been given a lot of unsolicited advice about getting a bang-centric haircut, almost always from someone who doesn't have bangs. So I don't get bangs, because I want to help people not to be fkn cowards. They need to stare str


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I don't remember anyone with a big forehead. I think I don't notice it and even if I do I don't care about it tbh.

Answered by Arman

Yep and yep.

Answered by Pandy

not rly that noticeable unless you look like megamind tbh

Totally depends on the hair that comes with it?

Answered by Kate

it can be noticable nothing that good bangs can't hide:D

They're 🥺 so shiny! 😭 Few are chosen to be so lucky. 🥳 hats off to: Mr. Clean , Shrek, Vladimir Putin, Charlie Brown, Popeye the Sailorman, Homer Simpson, Lex Luthor, GI Jane.

I don't really notice most of the time tbh, different hair styles make a huge difference

Answered by Pawesome

Noticeable but not a huge deal to me, the right haircut or bangs or whatnot can mitigate the situation

off putting

Answered by xvilyv