Kinga asked 6 months ago

Is it ok to have no opinion sometimes?


Is it ok to have no opinion sometimes?


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Answered by J1smith

🌺Some opinions don't matter🌺 emo2Self 😭 ain't nobody got time for everyone's opinions 🥳inserts the famous suggestions box

Yes, if you're uninformed tbh

Yes. Most of my opinions regarding politics are neutral, but that's because I know fuck all about politics. What's the point in me choosing sides whenever I have no knowledge of political parties?

Sure, we cannot know or experience everything?

Answered by Kate

Of course. Everyone's got an opinion, and everybody's opinion differs, so what are the chances yours would be correct? Maybe it's more objective or helpful to be neutral/agnostic.

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Idk, i have no opinion on that

Answered by Daniel

It's sure better than spouting off an uninformed one

Perfectly okay. For a while I didn't have an opinion on Boris Johnson, just didn't know enough about him to throw my 2 cents in. Sorry 2 pence in*.