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Anon · 9d

hi, i’m the anon from the previous msg. i was talking abt this one ... if i could make a non pro ver of it and post it on pin with credits is it ok? i’m new to crd community and stuff so i don’t really understand some aspects of it. thank u for clarifying

yes, of course you can! I made a non-pro version of this model myself, so there's no problem. thank you for your contact and kindness

Anon · 9d

hi, i was wondering if i could take your new carrd inspo and make a non pro ver of it and post it on pinterest as inspo from my acc? i know that you find it ok for ppl to rm your crds as long as credit is given, but i’m not sure if i can post the non pro ver on pinterest. i will give you credit. thank u for answering

hi! which layout are you referring to? I allow remakes as long as copies or tutorials are not made and yes, with due credit

Anon · 11d

Hi! I went to message her on twitter but she has it to verified people only, do you know another way to contact her?

Anon · 15d

Could you make a non-professional carrd with a more cyber design (like the ones you make/save, but simpler), please? And if possible, a tutorial, please.
Sorry to ask, I don't know how to do these things! 😿

thanks for the sugestion!! do you have any ideas in mind that you would like to tell me? and I'm currently trying something like that

Anon · 21d

Hi! I wanted to ask if you have copies of this carrd by buncrds i've been looking everywhere for it for a buy link buncrds may have had or something but couldnt find anything besides i tut girlsgocrd made of a similar one ikisschris did but its not the same, thank you!

hi! this is a old layout so I no longer have it in my inventory sorry :/ and buncrds was distributing copies of it as shown by their latest tweets, but it was about a year ago so I advise you to try contact them!

Anon · 30d

I don't know if you've already answered this request, but could you do a tutorial on the basics of a carrd, please? Just simple things.

Anon · 26d

hi, i saw your new carrd inspo ( and it is very pretty, i was wondering if it is allowed to remake this layout (with proper credits ofc)

Anon · 1mo

Hi, how are you? I suddenly went through your profile and I just loved your current carrd!! Do you have his tutorial?

hii I'm fine and thank u! there are no tutorials for it, atm I only have this pro plus template (working on the standard ver)

Anon · 1mo

Hi, I just wanted to clarify since I saw on your pin that you don't allow tutorials. Does that mean you don't allow it for all? As well as making non pro version tutorials for pro cards?

I actually have no problems with tutorials for most of my cards, the restrictions only apply to the layouts I sell (the pro ones) and also to non pro versions of them!

Anon · 2mo

may i have your master carrd please?

Anon · 3mo

for some reason i can't make the plus sign :( it shows up as a big single block

omg :( try to reduce their size as small as possible, if it doesn't work you can dm me to show me your settings!

Anon · 4mo

oiee, bem?
vida eu comprei seu template de $15 mas não achei em lugar algum como faço pra upar áudio no dc e copiar o link. pode me ajudar? 😞

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