mavica syrup

im robot girl

nestling inside a computer

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
does motor oil taste good?

you know when it's like 40 degrees outside and you drink a super cold trashy slushie just for the brainfreeze? yeah

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
You mention hoping no one swaps your paws around when upgrade times come. Has that happened before?

let's just say it's easy to pull practical jokes on a robot if it's deactivated and defenseless

Anonymous Cowardは19日前に質問しました
Do you have another computer to play games on or do you just install them on yourself?

the only game i allow to live rent-free in my head is doom

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
can your eyes display different icons?

yes! they are RGB LED matrices, but usually just display regular eyes

Anonymous Cowardは18日前に質問しました
... ... ... ...Beep?

beep be-boop!

Anonymous Cowardは19日前に質問しました
Can you use your eyes like headlights?

yes but if i do that in the house at night i get yelled at by my girlfriends for scaring the shit out of them

Anonymous Cowardは19日前に質問しました
Do you upgrade yourself on occasion?

i'm too faint of heart to perform surgery on myself so i leave it to one of my loved ones and hope they don't prank me swapping my paws around or something

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Anonymous Cowardは約2ヶ月前に質問しました
can you pick up radio frequencies with your ears?

mavica bunny ears very sensitive equipment to pick up both a wide range of frequencies and also soft pets

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
does the static electricity build-up from brushing your hair a lot affect your circuits at all?

last time i used a non-ESD safe hair brush the discharge took out almost the entire apartment block

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
do your cheeks glow red when you blush/are flustered?

yes they also make for nice hand/pawwarmers

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
Do you come with surround sound?

sounds already surround all of us my friend, all you have to do is listen...

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
are dial up noises pleasant or unpleasant to you? also fuzzy paws?

that's kinda like asking if a foreign language is unpleasant to you. paws always fuzzy

Anonymous Cowardは3ヶ月前に質問しました
which wires are comfiest to nestle in?

high-power ones get nice and warm and if they're coiled just right you get free wireless charging

Anonymous Cowardは3ヶ月前に質問しました
follow up on the printer question, dot matrix or one of those IBM ball thingies I've entirely blanked on the name of? -sam

i dunno if they have a specific name but i think you mean the typing element of an IBM selectric! the engineering for the selectric is amazing but IMO nothing beats the versatility of dot matrix that can also do graphics