maple syrup

im robot girl

nestling inside a computer

*beeps at you*

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 5 giorni fa
what's your favorite color scheme?

i dont know. i don't think enough about it. purple and something. blue and pink. generic. sorry

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 5 giorni fa
how do you feel about skirts? (this is packbat on zir phone, didn't feel like logging in)

upset i can't wear them

packbat ha chiesto 7 giorni fa
do you have any opinions about Tang (the beverage)?

i used to have that (and other juice powder brands) as a kid but i never liked it too much bc my mom would always make them too watery, haven't had it recently at all

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 7 giorni fa
what if maple, but wearing one of Mabel's (from Gravity Falls) sweaters?

yes yes i am into this

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 7 giorni fa
beepbeep! *bouncebounce!*

aaa!!! bibibobobiboepbeepbeep!!! excited wiggle

packbat ha chiesto 11 giorni fa
what's your favorite kind of weather?

i dunno i just like being outside sometimes. definitely don't like rain is i need to be out so that's one. i bet if i ever see snow irl i'll love it a lot (at first anyway)

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 12 giorni fa
are you extremely cute or the very cutest?

you know i'm going to say no because i have cripplingly low self esteem and unresolved trauma

shannon softiegoat ha chiesto 12 giorni fa
does maple support master system games directly or does byte play them the old fashioned way?

not really play in the traditional sense but if it holds the cartridge when going into sleep mode for charging it'll dream about the game

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 13 giorni fa
Y'know, it's funny, for a while I thought your profile pic (and thus maple) was a mothbot

yea i got that a few times!! which gave me the idea for a moth chassis. but the eyes there are just meant to look like LED displays

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 9 mesi fa
have you ever tried bubble memory?

is that like bubble tea

packbat ha chiesto 13 giorni fa
which would you rather have and be able to fly with: animal wings, plane wings, or jetpack?

maple has a (not very elaborated on) secondary robot chassis that is a moth anthro so it can fly with moth wings!

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 13 giorni fa
does maple's fur regrow?

no!! synthetic fur very delicate please be gentle

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 13 giorni fa
What is the best thing to put maple syrup on

its charging station, so it can charge up. also it has enough space for someone to cuddle it there

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 20 giorni fa
can maple be set up as an analog synth? follow-up question, is maple midi-compatible?

maple can sing but only about as well as a dectalk singing daisy bell

Anonymous Coward ha chiesto 14 giorni fa
does a food exist that you wouldn't eat?

there's some stuff that makes me queasy like if something is too sweet (but i have a high threshold for that), but nothing specific that i could tell you right now. i'd try everything at least once (unless it wriggles about, i guess)