maple syrup

im robot girl

nestling inside a computer

if you're going to send a pastebin link pretending to care about me without telling me who you are, don't

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
phillip k dick never actually answered this, do robots dream of electric sheep?

unless they have aphantasia

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
what's your favourite book?

i've read maybe less than 20 books in total. the ones by Douglas Adams are nice

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
top five languages you'd like to know (that you don't already)

languages aren't an interest enough of mine that i can list 5 but id really like to understand Japanese more

Anonymous Cowardは15日前に質問しました
Do you need oil for your joints?

dry graphite works best

Anonymous Cowardは16日前に質問しました
What type of music do you like listening to? Favorite artist? Album? Genre?

urgghhhhh too many to pick idk i never had one single favourite. italo disco good. japanese citypop good

do you like falafel? I got some veggie burgs recently and they taste kinda like falafel, which I like but wasn't expecting

i've had falafel once and it was very good

what is your favorite videogame controller?

the gamecube controller gets far too much hate

Anonymous Cowardは約2ヶ月前に質問しました
do squobits dream of electric beeps?


if you could be instantly fluent in a new musical instrument, which one would you want?

keyboards because they're versatile and then you can play melodicas too

Anonymous Cowardは約1ヶ月前に質問しました
do you take batteries, if so what kind?

all of it

how is mavica's mavica doing? I saw you got some new good sectors out of its floppies...

late to answer this but right now i'm doing ok!! mood swings are a real bitch and i get really bad lows but thankfully at this moment that is not the case

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
Have you got a favorite Homestar Runner cartoon?

not really they're all pretty good i guess. i dont know how to pick a favourite anything. i don't have a favourite movie or song. i have a lot of movies and songs i like, i guess, but it's hard scraping my mind to list them off. sorry this is a disappointi



Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
which decade had the best visual aesthetic for electronics?

boxy 80s stuff plus translucent 2000s stuff please

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
what's the highest capacity floppy disk you can read?

ls120 superdisk floppies but the heads crash into the magnetic surface and destroy the disk

Anonymous Cowardは2ヶ月前に質問しました
How useful are those TrackPoint nub things?

learning curve is about the same as using a trackpad for the first time i guess