the moon


Anonymous Coward asked about 3 hours ago
have you considered: that you are cute?

mhm, i have ^_^

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 hours ago
What kinda shampoo do you use

strawberry flavor i mean scent

Anonymous Coward asked about 3 hours ago
Anonymous Coward asked about 3 hours ago
purple stripes or purple polka dots?


Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago
have you considered: bun that is obsessed with coffee?

have you considered that you're very cute and i like you a lot

Anonymous Coward asked 6 days ago
what are you at the store to buy?

incredibly interesting things, like groceries

hoodie aida kitten asked 9 days ago
your new masto avi is cute kthxbye

you can thank for recoloring it!!

Anonymous Coward asked 9 days ago
who's a cute bunny?


scarlett asked 9 days ago
what would you homebrew on a mahjong board

no idea, it would have to be something that would work with the video hardware (so: no sprites). probably more just a demo than an actual game

Jorin asked 9 days ago
mew ;;

paws at you

eviebun asked 11 days ago
hello I'm bored from shiny hunting pokemon how are you?

i didn't see this until now ;_; hi cutie

Anonymous Coward asked 13 days ago
if you could own one arcade pcb what would it be?

discs of tron, environmental version (i'd want the full cabinet)

hierarchon asked 17 days ago

they're so wonderful!!

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago


Anonymous Coward asked 23 days ago

i don't know what this is supposed to mean, but i'm going to assume you're asking if i'm into cg/l stuff, in which case the answer is no, sorry