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Linz, Austria
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I'm a fox. AMA!

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Daniel asked 8 days ago 路 13 answers

Would you feel uncomfortable walking in a forest If you know that wolves live there? Me: no

Daniel asked 8 days ago 路 15 answers

What's your favorite type of transport?

Daniel asked 8 days ago 路 11 answers

Is it possible to become rich without exploiting or scammimg others?

Yes, you just need to be born in a rich family. :鈥)

faho asked 9 days ago 路 7 answers

Have you ever emailed someone's wife?

Pandy asked 13 days ago 路 11 answers

Do you get enough hugs?

Daniel asked 15 days ago 路 14 answers

Do you or will you donate some money to the retrospring team on patreon? https://www.patreon.com/retrospring

i bypass the patreon step and send all my hard earned 鈧偓鈧偓s to daddy @pixeldesu mercedes bezos directly 鈽侊笍

Pandy asked 19 days ago 路 16 answers

Which event would you most like to do (as part of a team bonding activity at work)? 1. Go-Karting 2. Escape Room 3. Axe Throwing 4. Game Show Experience 5. Ten Pin Bowling 6. Interactive Social Darts 7. Augmented Team Game Experience.

A game show sounds fun :D

Other than that probably escape room or go-karting

faho asked 21 days ago 路 5 answers

What is love?

Dingus asked 22 days ago 路 9 answers

Is your butt currently cool or hot?

Karina asked 22 days ago 路 8 answers

Wann Bubatz legal?

Merida asked 23 days ago 路 13 answers

Who else is tired of this heat? 馃槶. I hate summers >.<

Same, it makes me depressed. Can't wait until it's autumn or winter again.

Daniel asked about 1 month ago 路 13 answers

What's a piece of software that you never want to use again?

Hmm... there are plenty. But I think it would be Miro (yes, I despise it even more than any of Atlassian's crap).

Also pretty much any "desktop" application that's nothing different than a web browser. Fuckings to Electron and CEF and all the likes...

Daniel asked about 2 months ago 路 8 answers

How does dutch sound like to you?

Merida asked about 2 months ago 路 13 answers

What have you learnt from YouTube?

Hmm... it definitely made me fuel my hatred for Google back in 2013 or whenever they suddenly forced Google+ on everyone and their dog. I guess my learning was to never (fully) trust tech companies, regardless how much they soothe you into thinking that they're Definitely Not 鈧瑅il鈩

Daniel asked 2 months ago 路 18 answers

Who will you block?


I can't even comment on my own answers.