Jyrki 🦊🐾 asked 4 months ago

How would you like to see Retrospring evolve?

Jyrki 🦊🐾

How would you like to see Retrospring evolve?

Everything you decide is the right thing.

New people should be able to join

more japes tee bee hage

Answered by nick

Very grateful honestly this site is still up. Minor suggestions:

✔Is there anyway that *when you ask a question -you click on 1 notification response and this action gets rid of the others too under the same question? That way you can read them at once on


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add gifs and pictures also videos

Answered by xvilyv

There's a number of shortcomings others pointed out that it would be nice to see fixed, but the main problem I have with Retrospring is how few characters are shown in an answer before you have to click to read more. It discourages people from reading mess


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Answered by inhahe

I could fix up the design, maybe. And we could remove even more of the broken stuff. Like multi-language support.

Answered by Andy

it would be nice to be able to attach pictures to replies

Answered by Daniel

If you're up for it, it would be nice to have a feature that stops accounts that you don't follow from putting questions (or death threats) into your inbox.

Answered by Pandy