The Adventures of Tony Tony Chopper

An upcoming fanzine dedicated to everyone's favorite doctor, Chopper!

Please allow 36-48 hours for responses to your inquires!

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Curious Patients asked 4 months ago

Will results still be sent on the 20th as planned on the schedule? Thank you!

Hello! We're nearly done looking over all the lab results and will have results announced shortly!

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

the guidelines state that spot artists will be asked to make "an optional pitch describing what type of story [they] would like to collaborate on for the project" in their application… but there's no field asking this in the actual application form?

It seems Dr. Chopper must have made a small mistake! The application for spot artists has been updated accordingly, thank you!

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

can i apply both for merch and page artist? (obviously i assume that if i get in it will be for only one of these, not both!)

Yes you may! On the application there is a section where you can indicate which roles you applied to and your preference per role. Please note that you will only be accepted for 1 role within the project.

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

I was wondering what kinda merch do you have planned?

Our current merch line-up includes: Die-cut stickers, sticker sheet, prints, memopad, acrylic charms, washi tape, omanjuu keychain, and an enamel pin!

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

How can I prep for the applications? Do I need to submit chopper drawings?

Our application forms contain our full application guidelines, so hang onto your insurance papers for just one more day — apps open tomorrow!!

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

Is this zine for profit?

Nope! As explained in our Carrd ( our zine is a for-charity project with all funds being donated to Doctor's Without Borders

Curious Patients asked 5 months ago

What is the age requirement to participate?

We ask that all applicants are 18 years of age or older by the time applications close on February 14th!

Curious Patients asked 6 months ago

So a bit curious… since Chopper is sorta chibi, will you be considering chibi artists for page illustrations? I don’t think it’s the norm, so had to ask!

Please make sure to submit samples that align with our guidelines — for page art, that means drawing a full-page background that adds to the composition and storytelling of the illustration. You can find an example here:

Curious Patients asked 6 months ago

How many contributors are you looking to accept for the zine?

Our final contributor counts will depend on the results of our Interest Check, but we'll definitely be looking for page artists, writers, merch artists, and spot illustrators... and any other creator types who'd like to apply!

Curious Patients asked 6 months ago

On this site do I have the opportunity to speak directly with my TonyTony Chopper?

Hello! Dr. Chopper is a very busy reindeer so while we won't have the honor of consulting with him directly, we are absolutely going to focus on showing our love and devotion to him ❤️

Curious Patients asked 7 months ago

not a question but i’m very happy and excited to have a chopper zine soon! i just started watching one piece last month and i’m still at 400ish episodes but i’m completely head over heels for our sunshine doctor!! thank you for the mods for doing this and i hope it will be a successful project!

The team is delighted by your excitement! We hope that you enjoy watching the rest of the series and love all of the wonderful Chopper moments it has!

Curious Patients asked 7 months ago

When it comes to submitting an application, what would you guys like to see in a portfolio?

Curious Patients asked 7 months ago

How often will you be keeping everyone updated? Will you release the results of the interest check, it would be nice?

We will be posting regularly on our various social accounts, so be sure to follow us on our Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram for our most up to date information!

We'll definitely post about our Interest Check response once it closes.

Curious Patients asked 7 months ago

How many samples will writers be required to submit, and what is the min and max word count for samples?

Please refer to our contributor guidelines found on our Carrd ( ). We will also be releasing an info doc shortly before our applications open!

Curious Patients asked 7 months ago

For digital stuff, what about like animated gifs and all that? Those would be p cute.

The mod team is open to discussing various types of digital merch, thank you for the suggestion!

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