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Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago
How did you get into coding?

I think the general thought to lead back to was pretty much "I also want to make cool stuff like that!" looking at things other people made.

Andy asked 6 days ago · 15 Answers
We commissioned a mascot for Retrospring, suggest a name for it!

Man, image previews surely would be handy for this!!1

The girl of the million faces 🎭 asked 10 days ago · 12 Answers
When it's about alcoholic drinks, is the container important for the tasting?

"You eat with your eyes first" principle basically. Applies not just to beverages, but to basically anything, doesn't it?

Aside of that, I can't answer much of the tasting stuff because I don't drink alcohol at all.

The girl of the million faces 🎭 asked 10 days ago · 9 Answers
What are your thoughts about the recent revelation that I had about mods playing the anons game to live up the site? :o

There's no thoughts because that's not what is happening.

The staff has better things to do than "living the site up" with anonymous stuff. Dealing with all those reports is not really motivation for us to join in on the "fun" someone is having.

The girl of the million faces 🎭 asked 10 days ago · 13 Answers
What does your inbox reveal about you?

That I only answer a small fraction of the questions I receive.

kia vier asked 12 days ago · 4 Answers
What do you think will be the after effects of this pandemic?

Well, I actually see mainly positive effects coming from this:

  • First and foremost, Americans seem to realize how skewed their "healthcare" systems are.
  • Home office will be spread out to more jobs, even those office jobs that claimed for so long that "

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Daniel asked 13 days ago · 20 Answers
How long is your attention span?

Depends on what requires attention, I guess. If it's something I can focus on, have all my attention, if it's boring or so I tend to get distracted really quickly.

Wasserpistole asked 14 days ago · 13 Answers
If there will be a next life for you, do you want to come back as a boy or a girl?

Isn't it a better question that by the time we would have a "next life" if gender is still relevant? With the freedom of people already identifying what they want to be, the boundaries get looser over time, and at some point it doesn't even matter anymore,


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Daniel asked 14 days ago · 19 Answers
What's your opinion about Elon Musk calling his child X Æ A-12?

the "X Æ" part came from Grimes and the "A-12" was contributed by Musk, so it wasn't him on his own or so. In general they are free to do whatever they want, they should just remember that a name is something that stays with a person forever, and can very


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sinewave asked 17 days ago
now that we have the domain costs, HOW MUCH IS THE FISH

The fish is a global delicacy, so it's probably really expensive!

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago
Welches Ben&Jerrys Eis ist dein Lieblignseis?

Ich glaube ich hab in meinem Leben noch nie Ben&Jerry's Eis gegessen.

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago
Was ist dein größter Wunsch?

Ich habe keinen, um ganz ehrlich zu sein. Ich lebe immer sehr im Moment, und das gleiche gilt auch für Ziele und weiteres.

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago
Favourite dish?

Hmm, too many to pinpoint one specifically. But homemade pizza, chicken with a cream-paprika sauce and different variations of potato-based stews are in the higher tiers.

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago

For which one? If you talk about Retrospring, it's pretty much a generic .net-domain, so not too costly annually.

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago
Since there has been a redesign now and everything, does that mean that Retrospring is in "active" development again?

Yes, pretty much. It wasn't so much of a redesign (main part was updating to Bootstrap 4 to get the benefits of that), but mostly a modernization of the templating logic in the back to make it a bit more organized for new features to be added later.

In ge


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