Pandy asked 3 months ago · 10 Answers
How would you react if after dating someone for a while you find out they have been wearing a wig/hairpiece to cover up boldness?

"Girl, don't cover up your boldness 👑"

I think it's pretty unlikely that I wouldn't know someone was wearing a wig IRL. Not just because I'm a slut, but even really good wigs can be suspicious up close, there is sometimes messy glue involved, etc. I think even the best wig would be obvious if we spent more than 8 hours together. I married someone who wore wigs, we used to go wig shopping together. It's no kind of thing to me, and I understand why some people would be reluctant to tell a person they weren't serious with. I'd encourage them to have fun with the wigs if it seemed like they were too worried about people knowing it's a wig, though. If I wore wigs I know I'd want to switch it up and not always wear the same one, but if that's the only way someone is comfortable then I'd support them with their one wig, too.