Alice 💋 asked about 1 year ago · 13 Answers
Ever been completely ignored by someone you said hello or good morning to? Why do you think they do that?

Yes, but I don't take it personally because I've also failed to acknowledge people who politely greet me. I'm really anxious when I'm in public, typically I'm focused on completing a task and then leaving. So sometimes when someone greets me in passing I just don't always process what I'm supposed to do with that until it's too late. Once I was grocery shopping with my friend and I guess a guy said "Hello!" to me directly and I didn't even realize it. My friend was like, "wow, that was cold !" jokingly, and I was like, "mChUH???" and she had to explain to me what happened. Then I felt really self-conscious because I'm sure that's happened when I was  alone and I never even noticed it. So when I greet a stranger and they don't respond, or even look at me, I just give them the benefit of the doubt. They probably don't MEAN to be a rude bitch.