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nefarious yeets asked 5 months ago

What is your favorite incarnation of Godzilla?

nefarious yeets

What is your favorite incarnation of Godzilla?

the 1998 one

Give me a vintage dude in a lizard suit and particle board buildings or whatever

My GTR also Godzilla

Answered by J1smith

I’ve only ever seen one Godzilla film. I was 8 or 9 and my father was working in a factory at the time. It was around Christmas, and the company had organised a day out for the children of their employees. We went somewhere in the morning (I can’t remember


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Answered by Penelope

Mine when I get hungry

Answered by DUST

Godzilla (2014). He was cute and he saved the world.

Answered by inhahe

The original japanese and now vintage Godzilla of the black and white times!! Especially after Godzilla swallowed a atomic power plant and had the glowing back fins!

Answered by Kate