୨୧ Lilico。

₊ ◞◟ ͜◞ ∔†∔ ◟ ͜◞◟ ₊
You're as cute as a
button,Aiko. 𓉸ྀི
₊ ◞◟ ͜◞⏝ ̩͙⏝◟ ͜◞◟ ₊

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🕷 · 17d

do you happen to know what happened to /ryo or where father went??

6races · 22d

How to you add the photo text to your rentry’s? Cause i tried but its always too big

You can resize images if you add {00px:00px} after the image! Just replace the 00 with the size you want. You can also use ezgif to resize images the regular way!

starryseon · 22d

Hello, I am so sorry if this is bringing up drama (I have no idea if it is, I don't know you or this person)
but i saw this person copied your whole pixel hoard? https://rentry.org/underheroine-pixels and i don't know why...

Hello hello! It's alright,they didn't copy my pixel hoard,they just linked to it! ^.^

🕷 · 20d

Hello… Does kocham mean ‘I love you’ in Polish 😣 Asking since I’m Pretty Sure you’re Polish or At Least know Polish

⧼⧼﹐⤷﹒snezhnaya﹒⊏`🐚` · 20d

On your resource rentry (https://rentry.co/border), where did you get the anime girl cutout? I think it's really pretty and would like to use it for future banners and graphics!

Here you go ~ ! I don't have the transparent itself,but it should be easy to do with something like remove.bg.

Find Mutuals & Spread Love ♡ · 19 answers · 21d

QOTD — Is there a character you understand more than anyone? Why? Similar trauma or maybe the fandom you're in simply mischaracterises them? Whatever the reasoning is, feel free to tell!
Follow everyone who responds! Let's gain more mutuals & spread positivity ♡

Denji ... everyone in the fandom mischaracterizes him as some kind of horny sex pest so they can project onto him and self insert as him but no one actually understands him & the abuse/grooming he went through NOBODY GETS HIM LIKE I DO ... 😭

🕷 · 23d

Hello ^_^ would you possibly give the frame you used in your recent aoi rentry, the frame behind the png of her? i hope that makes sense ^^;

Parker · 17 answers · 23d

⊂⠀⠀qotd ⁶⠀⠀⌢⌢⠀⠀ ₄ ₂₅ ₂₄
⠀𓎟𓎟⠀⠀⠀❛ Do you collect physical media? If so, what? ❜

I collect manga (CSM,Shuzo Oshimi manga) ﹠ I used to collect CDs,though not anymore.

🕷 · 24d

What is the cursive heart font called?

🕷 · 26d

do you have tips for researching jfashion 🙏🙏🙏 mainly worried about the language barriers

I'm honestly not sure,apologies! I don't speak Japanese myself either,so...૮ ó﹏ò ྀིა

🕷 · 25d

Ur work is so gorgeous!

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