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Linz, Austria



.nick asked 2 months ago · 6 Answers

What'd be your FOXHOUND codename?

.nick asked 2 months ago · 10 Answers

Are you able to instantly recognize a person just by looking at how they type and express themselves in text?

.nick asked 2 months ago · 8 Answers

What do you imagine my home's looking like?

.nick asked 2 months ago

Is Marmite a good replacement for Vegemite, or is it completely different?

.nick asked 3 months ago · 4 Answers

What's the better choice nowadays for casual peer to peer chatting, in your opinion? My freetardation doesn't enable me to use proprietary services and I'm unsure which open source meme protocol or platform is the least awful.

.nick asked 3 months ago · 3 Answers

Do you strife to live an authentic life?

.nick asked 3 months ago · 4 Answers

Do you think the absence of subscribing exclusively to one idea, be it political or otherwise, is cowardess?

.nick asked 3 months ago · 6 Answers

Do you practice some opsec or are you 100% transparent and just give all your info on the net with no regards?

.nick asked 4 months ago · 5 Answers

What's your most cherished piece of clothing?

.nick asked 8 months ago · 7 Answers

show your ctrl+v and send answer if you're up for it, no cheating

.nick asked 9 months ago · 4 Answers

What's a good >daily reminder to put on my quote of the day server?

.nick asked 9 months ago

Sieht domaintechnik.at legitim aus, oder gibts da was besseres für Kleinstlastinternetdienstgastgebung für statische Seiten?

.nick asked 10 months ago · 2 Answers

Got tempb& on twitter at last and my phone provider isn't legit enough apparently. So should I homeserv my own microblog with jack black and hookers, or move somewhere else?

.nick asked 10 months ago · 3 Answers

Do you agree with social media giants trying their hardest to associate accounts with any means possible for clear(name) identification for raising community quality?

.nick asked about 1 year ago · 11 Answers

Is it rude and inconsiderate to others not wanting to be on popular social media/messaging services like Discord, Facebook or whatsapp?