greenville, sc
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gib questions >:33

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Anonymous Coward asked 1 day ago

Is there anyone you hope to ask you questions here?

not really in particular ig. but if there was someone i wanted to get to know better, maybe them >:33 but they'd probably know it XD

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago

im so sorry the roman catholic field ask was a copypasta im sooooo sorrry i thought i'db be funny

lmfao i had no idea, i'm a 30 year old boomer living under a rock 😭😭😭😭

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago

You’re pretty cool. I’m a Roman Catholic (Papist). I work in a corn field but I’m allergic to the leaves so I come home with sores and rashes all over my limbs.

that's cool, a lot of my friends are catholic actually! but for the corn fields, iktf q_q. when i grew up in austin, i was allergic to cedar and oak, which austin is basically surrounded by forests of..... so yeah, allergies suck 😔😔😔😔 i'm also allergic to dogs and highly allergic to cats, i think i'll have to get shots if i want a pet

Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago

I guess that's true. My idea states would be something like New Hampshire on Maine because they are both quite libertarian on guns, gay marriage, pro-choice, and a lot of other individual freedoms and are secular without thumping the bible everywhere. Washington and Oregon were also like this but were corrupted by Cali transplants.

yeah that might be a better fit for you. i'm in the south mostly because i have a physical dependence on good bbq

Anonymous Coward asked 6 days ago

South Carolina and the south are really good states for firearm rights but my problem with them is basically this: as much as I hate the woke morons and the ultra liberal policies of California and NY, I also detest the bible humping puritan schizo boomers in the south and the great majority of GOP states.

honestly i just like southern states because while they may have kinda shitty communities of neocons and fundamentalist christians and whatnot, you have the choice to not associate with those sorts of communities. can't really choose not to have laws applied on you, but in my experience if you don't want to be a part of communities like that, you don't have to. that being said, the south does value things like family values more and the side effects of that are noticeable: i.e. things are oriented more towards families and supporting families. which isn't bad, just make sure that's the environment you want to be in

Anonymous Coward asked 6 days ago

what discords are you still active on?

a few personal ones, and then a few private firearm groups. i've recently joined a public bike and general area group, but i'm not in them that much

Anonymous Coward asked 21 days ago

Not really a question, but I stumbled on your page while looking for web dev ideas. Super cool to see all the stuff you've built! I am also an occasional motorcyclist (when PNW weather permits).

Anonymous Coward asked 23 days ago

Who is your favorite normie on the fediverse

this is hard, i'm not sure i know too many normies. maybe torrtle on my instance? he's chill -3-

Anonymous Coward asked 23 days ago

no it's ramen Don't do open relationships Ignore the heathen Stay pure

pretty sure communication and most of the relationship will look identical either way etc. honestly i don't really have much desire to fuck around at all so if it's open i probably wouldn't do it anyways lmao

Anonymous Coward asked 24 days ago

would you ever have an open relationship?

i've thought about it a lot, i'm definitely open and willing to try it out, but open or not open i definitely want to still have the same level of high quality open communication and dedication and whatnot

Anonymous Coward asked 24 days ago

get my ip address and you can find out who i am......

Anonymous Coward asked 25 days ago

cbun i miss u :o Can you guess who I am?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ghostie? no idea

Anonymous Coward asked 25 days ago

can u steal my ip address if i go on bubbletea....

Anonymous Coward asked 28 days ago

opinion on long distance relationships?

i was in one for a while that didn't work out, i don't think i can really do them cuz i really need physical intimacy. but afaik they always kinda suck for everyone for that reason sooo yea. i'm sure there are people out there that make it work with frequent trips and stuff but my last relationship was like, just barely over an hour away and that sucked enough

Anonymous Coward asked 29 days ago

you have the urge to fart but might be poop.

Quicksave? Y / N

i use the restroom and save the quicksave for right before i'm about to eat some really good bbq