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Daniel asked about 17 hours ago · 14 Answers
When did you have your best q&a website experience?

I have zero concept of time on these sites tbh. I'm amazed that people can narrow down a single year or two when they distinctly remember the atmosphere of the site and who was there. This probably isn't the best though because it's so small, not too much


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ZouBisouBisou asked about 8 hours ago · 9 Answers
Hot or cold weather? I like being bundled up in bed

I've grown accustomed to the desert heat tbh. I'm having some trouble transitioning into the fall here

ZouBisouBisou asked about 7 hours ago · 8 Answers
What do you like adding to ramen noodles?

I only rly eat two types of ramen. if it's chicken then I'll add green onion, freshly ground black pepper, maybe some sambal. if it's shin ramen then I add freshly ground black pepper, green onion, sliced yellow onion. leftover grilled/baked chicken is ama


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The girl of the million faces asked about 11 hours ago · 9 Answers
How's your Sunday going?

I'm running on about 5 hours and my head hurts, but it's been a productive day. I'm at work 9-6 today because I have to periodically check for our study animals' poops for an experiment. In between checking for poops I've finished some grading, got in a gr


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LaDamaX asked about 10 hours ago · 9 Answers
Grammatical mistakes/spelling errors. I usually notice them after I type and post. Ugh. How about you? How many times do you read through your posts before hitting “return”?

I usually proofread my emails after I send them lol (since most are not meant for a formal/professional interaction anyway)

Daniel asked about 8 hours ago · 10 Answers
Do you regularly listen to the radio?

Never tbh. My car has the radio stations set for my hometown and I never bothered to change them once I moved, but even then I always liked to listen to my own stuff. I pay for YouTube Music so I might as well use it tbh

LaDamaX asked about 11 hours ago · 10 Answers
What do you do when your just so tired, but you want to go out, but then you know you’ll be suffering tomorrow at work? Do you go? Do you stay home and rest?

I don't usually pass up opportunities to hang out with my friends. I only get to every couple of weeks and it's very important to my well-being and mental/emotional health that I spend that time with them. So I sacrifice the sleep tbh. Unless I'm literally


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Sean 💣💥 asked 2 days ago · 8 Answers
Have you ever lied/withheld something from someone close (say, to protect them) they never found out, and the dishonesty was worth it for you in the end? No regrets, you'd do it again and all? I just wonder how often (if ever) it works out that way...

I never told my second gf she needed to floss bc her gums were so inflamed and nasty. on second thought I probably did. yea that's something I would do, and I don't regret it. I'm literally never dating someone who doesn't floss ever again. the girl I just


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Wasserpistole asked about 13 hours ago · 9 Answers
Have you ever been bullied as an adult? What happened?

there have been some rude ass people on rude ass occasions, but it almost always ends with the one occasion

Wasserpistole asked about 16 hours ago · 8 Answers
Have you ever been to a grocery store that was already empty? Meaning not many groceries left? I experienced that once in Austria.

never tbh

The girl of the million faces asked about 12 hours ago · 10 Answers
Have you ever introduced two of your friends and they ended to be more friends with each other than yours?

Not that I remember tbh

Sean 💣💥 asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
Is there a celebrity/public figure out there you believe gets undeserved hate? Please use this space to defend ya boy/girl - either that or tear down someone everybody loves, I'm down for whatever.

the whole Ellen thing? I mean, she's rich so she gets to live in this bubble of privilege and doesn't really have to think about what George W Bush's policies/actions did to other people. I think that's fair. a lot of my friends are of the school of though


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LaDamaX asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
How long does it take you when you starting seeing someone/dating before you start confiding in them w personal matters?

With a couple of them I never have bc I just didn't feel that connection. Otherwise it comes out fairly early, within a month or two

Wasserpistole asked 1 day ago · 11 Answers
Do you like the sound of the Japanese language? For example:

what Arman said tbh

The girl of the million faces asked 2 days ago · 9 Answers
Were we freer when there was only land phone?

eh, I don't feel that way