I technically don't have the lung capacity to blow a whistle

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Megaheartz ♥️ asked 5 days ago · 9 Answers
What's something you wish you could do? Me: hack my carrier

electronically rob a bank

Daniel asked 6 days ago · 14 Answers
According to some picture that i saw on the internet the peak of satisfaction of the average person is at an age of 23. Do you think that's when you have/had your peak?

I think I was healing from a bad breakup when I was 23, so probably not. I feel like things generally get a little better for me every year though

Megaheartz ♥️ asked 6 days ago · 8 Answers
Summer is almost here for those below the equator! Who would you pick to spend a day with you at the beach? (Can be famous or not)

My best friends ofc

Shannon asked 6 days ago · 11 Answers
Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Did some today, still have a couple gifts to buy

Shannon asked 6 days ago · 13 Answers
Are you autistic?

I'm not

Daniel asked 6 days ago · 16 Answers
Could you be friends with an anti-vaxxer?

I've had coworkers who are antivaxxers, but I wouldn't have called them friends

Shannon asked 3 days ago · 9 Answers
What's your opinion on the woman who breast fed her pet cat on a airplane?

maybe she shouldn't do that. like any of it

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 15 Answers
What kind of animal can you see on my profile picture?

It looks like zigzagoon

Daniel asked 7 days ago · 12 Answers
Will you get the booster vaccine soon?

I am due for my booster early December

nick asked 10 days ago · 7 Answers
Will you do a little domestic terrorism? A little bioterrorism? A little dissent? Maybe even a little thinking?

This de-escalated really quickly

Daniel asked 12 days ago · 11 Answers
Do you think getting the corona vaccine should be mandatory?

i think it's a better idea to invest in better education and sci comm so that people WANT to get it

Shannon asked 12 days ago · 12 Answers
What do you do when you have finished all of your tasks at work but you can't go home for another 4 hours?

take an hour-long dump, bring your phone with you

Shannon asked 12 days ago · 11 Answers
What do you so for work?

i'm currently training to be a clinical lab scientist. blood, pee, poop, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid... we do it all

Megaheartz ♥️ asked 12 days ago · 9 Answers
Would you be a truck driver for 1 year in exchange for 1 million euros?

If you train me first, then absolutely

Arman asked 12 days ago · 7 Answers
[Form the HBO series "In Treatment"] "If your wife was bipolar, it could make you want to have an affair." Thoughts?