slagathor asked 6 months ago

Are you more likely to buy a product (say, shampoo or any other body care product), if it is labeled as cruelty-free?



Nah I've never considered it.

Nah, we don't care about that kind of stuff in the Third World.


Cruelty free to animals? ...and the manufacturers? ... the shop floor workers? ...the marketers? jee I'm not sure any product is cruelty free.


I never think to look, tbh. My mom carefully reads and compares everything the container says for eggs, milk, etc. and also researches online what the limits are for the product to legally call themselves whatever. And I'm glad she does.

I think for all


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I can't even remember the last time I read the label of a hygiene product thoroughly enough to know if it said that or not tbh.

The label wouldn't really mean anything to me - I just assume there are some other morally bankrupt shenanigans going on, or some bizarre definition of 'cruelty' they are using while they filet lab mice or whatever

That's not a selling point for me. I'll bet there were animals harmed in the making of this question somehow.

I'm not sure what "cruelty-free" can mean in an economy that is based on greed.


ngl... not really.


I don't buy it just because it says so on the tin, same with food stuff. It tends to be purely a branding thing with consumable items.


I only buy product for my hygiene that are cruelty-free or vegan. But I don't use many of them.