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Americans: In school, did your school play the pledge of allegiance? (Ours did every day until HS, which did every Friday). Did you stand for it? Non-Americans: Do y'all have an equivalent that you had to do in school?

We had the national anthem for some key events, I liked it.


Jes, I thought it was unnecessary but standing up for like 15 seconds is nothing to cry about


Not that I recall. I remember a picture of the king of Spain on the wall, just over the blackboard tho

No, luckily that's not a thing here. Patriotism is really dumb imo


Yes in elementary.Once a week


No, there wasn't an equivalent in school. I was in the Boys' Brigade for a while and every week we had to raise the Union Flag and salute it.

We always did it at the start of the day in elementary school, and we had to stand for it. I don't remember doing it at all at either of the high schools I went to though. Smh, Obama

Only in elementary, yes you had to stand and place hand over heart or you were getting a talking-to... by high school it was only a 'moment of silence' which was code for 'apparently we can't force you to pray but dammit you better you little heathens'

I had to do it every day (or once a week? idr) in elementary school, then we'd sing some anthem that was pretty much the equivalent but for Christianity. The auditorium even had two flags on stage, one American flag and some Christian flag.



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Yes for me and my current school/site. I had a child ask me last week why we do it? I told him that I didn’t know, and that we’d look it up. Tbh, as an adult it strikes me as weird and a bit creepy.


No, we don’t do things like that here. All that standing with your hand on your heart nonsense we find quite funny. A bit showy and fake.




I have a vague memory of doing it(?) If it was regularly wouldn't I remember it better? I don't think it happened in middle-school (5-8th grade). I'm not sure abstaining was a option. I don't remember seeing it done or being mentioned


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My elementary school did and yes. Kind of ridiculous to ingrain such a blatant form of brainwashing on our young, impressionable minds.