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Pandy asked 5 months ago · 12 answers

Metaphorically speaking, would you rather be a big fish in a little pond, or a little fish in a big pond? (i.e a big deal in a small area; or a small part in something big)

Big fish in a little pond. To show those small ass fishes what's up

BidenLadysMan asked 5 months ago · 2 answers

Do you think Tarzan will ever be a big character again?

Dingus asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

What would I smell if I sniffed your hair, and assuming I was an elephant or Tapir...?

Dingus asked 5 months ago · 10 answers

Are you a demanding person?

LaDamaX asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

What keeps you up at night?

Alcohol, high energy, and my penis hahahahaha. If I drank I'm gonna wake up constantly.

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

Have you ever been betrayed?

Dingus asked 5 months ago · 8 answers

What happened to you today?

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

I woman says she has major baby fever and wants a baby now. Her husband wants to wait a couple of years. She is thinking about quitting her birth control without telling her husband so she can accidentally get pregnant. Thoughts?

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 6 answers

Will you be suing your children if they don't give you grand childrean?

If yes will the children sue their state(s) for being unable to find a woman to give birth/man to get them pregnant?

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

Would you ask someone to marry you at there farthers funeral?

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

Is it rude to refuse a gift?

Generally yes but it depends on context. For example if you bought them a game or something that they happened to already have. I would've had one refused last Christmas if I got sent what I actually ordered. What I actually ordered was a rare cd he happened to have anyways but what I received was one he didn't have.

BidenLadysMan asked 5 months ago · 3 answers

Do believe teachers at a certain point should be allowed to ask students what they want to learn about? I'm not incredibly well versused in this. But as someone deeply traumatized by the American school system. I think it would have been far less so, if I was given the option to choose what I'm passionate about. Parents aren't the only ones who should be involved in their kids education, kids should be to a degree imo🙂

Occasionally that's fine but as a general principal hell no lmao the bad kills the potential positive that can happen as a result and "this is why we can't have nice things"

Daniel asked 5 months ago · 12 answers

Why is it so hard to make new friends as an adult?

I think one of the biggest factors is less people available to be friends with. As a kid you go to school with hundreds of people. As an employee you only work with so many people plus in addition to that you're much busier as an adult as well. Personally I also have some caution with co-workers. It has a lot of potential for something going wrong. Somewhat unrelated but however I may see where things go with someone there. She completely shocked me today as I finally got off. I have reached a few potential conclusions:

1) She been crushing on me and this one I'm the most sure of almost 100%. This is very clear.

2) It [...]

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Shannon asked 5 months ago · 10 answers

Is a pat on the back better than money for overtime?

I'm an underpaid mf so overtime is what I rely on and how I get paid more fair so I gotta go with overtime hahahahaha it's literally everything. No overtime and it's almost no point for what I bring to the table. Love a pat on the pack but my lifestyle is expensive lmao

Shannon asked 5 months ago · 12 answers

What do you handle better shit, piss or sick?

Most times piss but sometimes shit lol sometimes my dick hurts so much when I piss. I think it's just when I drink soda or hold in too long/after I wake up tho. I don't tolerate soda well at all. Shit is just whatever it ain't bad or good lmao just something that happens and it's done but I handle needing to shit the worst lmao And lastly sick. It messes with me the most. It's actually something not just temporarily fucking with ya.