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If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

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A asked 10 days ago · 4 answers

Do different locations give you different feels?

Inasmuch as I have feelings, which is a little bit, yes.

A asked 10 days ago · 4 answers

Do you wonder if saying something is worth it?Maybe when to say something or let it go not commenting at all

I'm always conflicted, in that I often want to argue with people who are Wrong on the Internet, school them a little, point out their malignancy, because people annoy the shit out of me on a constant basis, and I think maybe repressing myself from speaking my mind for fear of being disliked (or worse, banned from places) is cowardly and unhealthy, but, on the other hand, arguing with people, especially people on the internet, is petty and fruitless. You'll never change anyone's mind, and assaulting someone with negativity doesn't help them, it just becomes a two-way shit throwing contest. And a wise person feels no need to argue with


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Merida asked 10 days ago · 11 answers

Is it always the line of attraction clear? I mean, have you ever felt confused about if you feel attracted to someone or not?

It's not always clear, but that doesn't mean I'm confused. Sometimes I'm just not sure whether I'm attracted to someone or not, it's right on the border. That happened just yesterday or the day before at the dollar store.

Anonymous Coward asked 11 days ago

I am not a casual user/anoner. I used to be. Like ... Half a decade ago. I know you're not a psuedo intellectual, assuming that's what you meant. I respect your thoughts and views bigggly. Maybe I will anon you more often :p

Anonymous Coward asked 11 days ago

Once a year I come here to write something random and your "If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused." Always confuses me to the point where i don't actually write anything

lolol that sucks, I don't get enough anons. I think the guy who anons everybody thinks I'm a pseud. Or maybe it's because I don't ask questions.

BidenLadysMan asked 11 days ago · 2 answers

Do you think there will be a backlash to all the censorship, the "wokeness" the indoctrination of our kids? I do, enter Trump 2024. Ppl think I'm crazy. But I think with all I mentioned, combined with the fact we see what a Biden administration looks like. And it ain't peaches right now. We can't pay for gas, food, our babies have no formula. Drag queens are teaching our 5 yr olds about sex. Like the kingdom is burning dudes 😆

I think there will also be a massive backlash against all these ultra-conservative things the supreme court is doing/planning to do. So I don't know who's going to win. Probably the liberals because society has nomentum, it's going somewhere, and "progressiveness" seems to be what's increasing. And all the conservatives are old people who will die off and the younger generations are all being more and more indoctrinated with wokeness. Though I guess maybe both sides of the culture war will become equally irritated with each other. We're only becoming more and more polarized. I don't know what it will culminate in if not civil war. Th


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Kate Matsuda asked 13 days ago · 7 answers

What is the source of the expression 'The real McCoy' ?

BidenLadysMan asked 14 days ago · 5 answers

If you can pick any age to be forever. What age would you want? Not to influence your answer.. statistics suggests most ppl pick 36 yrs old for some reason 🙂

Dogboy2709 asked 15 days ago · 4 answers

What would you ask for from SCP-294, otherwise known as "the coffee vending machine"? If you don't know what exactly that is think of a normal vending machine either a QWERTY keyboard attached, can give anything liquid that's typed in

Idk I'd have to research what the most expensive possible liquid is. =P

BidenLadysMan asked 15 days ago · 1 answer

Biden has covid AGAIN... 2nd time in 2 wks.. Oh God the vaccine worked soo well, the democrats were soo right.. remember he's 4 shots in🤣🤣

You can still get Covid with the vaccine (I think because the vaccine is only made for the original strain), but the vaccine makes it a lot less likely for you to die from it. He's an old man, maybe it's why he's still alive.

Pandy asked 15 days ago · 15 answers

Do you cover the camera on your laptop, phone, tablet? (as a security precaution)

No, I think that nowadays they're made so that it's impossible for them to record without the light being on. Either way, what's the worst thing they could possibly record? My O face?

Danger asked 15 days ago · 4 answers

Do you prefer medium video quality when watching movies about history ? Do you have a thing about video quality ?

If I had my preference everything would be in 4K, but video quality isn't that important to me.

Daniel asked 15 days ago · 14 answers

Do you or will you donate some money to the retrospring team on patreon?

I don't know, I'm not planning on it at the moment. I'm not much of a donator. I figure things will work themselves out. =P If retrospring were to unveil plans to become a lot more popular (upgrading servers, advertising, etc.), but needed donations, I think I'd donate.

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

Are the owners of retrospring bums for panhandling through patreon? When I make donations it's to people who work hard to make the world better, eg.- Kenneth Copeland

IMO, it's completely fair for anybody who provides a public service out of their pockets to ask for donations. If you donate to them, you'll be getting what you pay for. If you only want to donate to people who are working to change the world, that's fine, that's your prerogative, maybe it's even a good idea, but it doesn't make retrospring bums.

BidenLadysMan asked 16 days ago · 1 answer

With America now waist deep in a recession. Biden is resorting to the old school defense of redefining the question. Trying to redefine what a recession is. I'm old enough to remember the Bill Clinton blowjob scandal. And Bill when asked if he got a hummer in white house instead redefined the word "Is" We know what is means, we know what a blowjob is, we know what a recession is. 🙄

Actually, Clinton's questioning the word "is" was very valid and astute. The prosecutor was asking him if he was having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky (or something like that), and apparently he'd had relations months or years ago but not recently. So, how recently does it have to be to count as still having relations? Clinton was just trying to be honest. It annoys me when people fail to understand this and make fun of him for asking about the definition of "is." (As for Biden and the recession, I have no idea. I haven't heard of this.)