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Commons asked about 2 months ago · 8 answers

Have you ever been on TV?

No, but the back of my head was in a crappy movie once.

Arman asked about 2 months ago · 13 answers

[Hot take on women's suffrage I heard on YouTube] "... I think Rights [should] come w/ responsibilities. One of the reasons that men had the right to vote was because they were subject to the draft and they still are ..." Thoughts? Counterarguments?

"Responsibilities" in his take is code for "being forced by the state to do stuff." I don't think rights should necessarily come with responsibilities, let alone a responsibility to go kill people (and get death, dismemberment, and/or PTSD), unless having that right logically implies some kind of responsibility (for example, the right to universal healthcare requires everyone pay taxes).

And sure, you could draw some logical link between the draft and the right to vote (e.g. "you're not guaranteed any rights if some other country takes over yours"), but still, women should have the right to vote because they, too, live [...]

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Dogboy2709 asked about 2 months ago · 5 answers

Thoughs on SCP-2952 aka C.O.R.G.I.?

I'm not interested in SCP entries. Though I skimmed this one and it seemed kinda silly. :D

Arman asked about 2 months ago · 11 answers

Are you financially attractive?

The only thing I have going for me financially is that I'm on welfare.

Arman asked about 2 months ago · 9 answers

When was the last time you went to hospital? Why?

for myself? 12 years ago. baker acted due to psychosis.

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

What's your opinion on plus size?

"plus size" is an awful Orwellian corporate euphemism to psychologically protect people from the fact that they're fat. And I say this as someone who wears XL shirts. It's also the result of the normalization of obesity and being overweight, which is probably due to unethical food producers. It could also be due to skyrocketing depression rates, which are probably due to increasing technology if not to, again, unethical food producers.

Arman asked about 2 months ago · 11 answers

What would you do in a situation where someone openly looked down on you?

get pissed off and say nothing and resent them forever.

Dingus asked about 2 months ago · 14 answers

What is your body telling you?

LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago · 18 answers

Would it be ok to greet you with a kiss on the cheek upon meeting you in person for the first time?

Pandy asked about 2 months ago · 12 answers

Would you rather care less or more than you currently do?

BidenLadysMan asked about 2 months ago · 3 answers

Here in NY a debate Is raging on about horse drawn carriages and whether it's humane. Look we have alot of homelessness here in NY. Hook up a carriage to one of these low lives dangle a baggy of meth on the end of a stick and Yaaa, Rusty, Yaaa, it's functional and humane, what do u think of my idea, genius right?😁

Anybody can end up homeless. You wouldn't think the homeless are lowlives if you ended up homeless yourself through some kind of unfortunate circumstance. And, I've heard, the homeless look after each other more and are more generous than any group..

Shannon asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?

I had two once. Only time I've had THC or any drugs beside caffeine or alcohol in my life. It had a very slight, underwhelming effect for a few minutes, then about a half an hour later I was lying in bed and I was forgetting everything I thought just after I thought it. After a while of this (scary) process, it caused some kind of spiritual awakening, where I felt like I could feel my life force/spirit, after decades of being tattered and supressed, residing in various parts of my body, shifting from one part to the other. I also had thoughts that I should do something catastrophic to aliven me and save my soul. I didn't, [...]

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BidenLadysMan asked about 2 months ago · 3 answers

Did you ever have a tree house or is that a TV thing? We saw a crack house where I grew up. Cause we was poor😁

No, but some kids had a treehouse just down the street from us like 20 years ago. I took a picture of it, but I think it would be too hard to find in all my old pictures. Okay I found a few - - I had taken one with children playing on it, but I couldn't find that one.

A asked about 2 months ago · 5 answers

What helps you grow?

I have no interest in growing. I think people want to grow because they're taught by society that they're not enough the way they are now. I guess there could be other reasons, like they see their own shortcomings, or they associate growing with adventure, but the idea of growing is to me like how the idea of something being "lovey-dovey" or "airy-fairy" is to some others. Same with the idea of concentrating on my own breath.

A asked about 2 months ago · 6 answers

What is necessary in life?

Peace, love, light, affection, communion, shelter, food, water, air..