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If this statement weren't true, you'd still be confused.

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A asked 14 days ago · 7 answers

Is being unafraid possible?

Yes, but it might depend on who you are/how your personality developed. I think, though, that ultimately any state of mind is possible. I know I'm unafraid of some things that other people are afraid of, and I've been unafraid of things that I'm normally afraid of, and also things that everybody is afraid of, while I've been psychotic. =P

Pandy asked 14 days ago · 9 answers

If you saw someone flytipping (i.e. dumping a bunch of waste out in the countryside), would you do anything about it?

I think I'd record it on my phone without them seeing and report it to the police. Try to get their license plate number if the phone didn't get it. F\cking assholes. Of course, I'm not really sure it matters whether the trash gets dumped in an official Earth-raping area or an unofficial one; there's that.

Daniel asked 17 days ago · 15 answers

What are pieces of media that you are you looking forward to? Me: The movie Oppenheimer, GTA 6 and the netflix series based on the book trilogy "The three body problem"

Merida asked 15 days ago · 13 answers

Do you like Taco Bell? What's your order?

Daniel asked 15 days ago · 10 answers

Where is the most beautiful landscape that you have seen with your own eyes?

Dingus asked 15 days ago · 7 answers

Would you rather study a martial art for 10 + years, or develop your own for 30 to 50 years?

Hard to choose, I doubt my ability to come up with a system that's better than the best existing system, who am I to do that? So I should probably choose the former. But then, I am pretty smart and intuitive, maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit? Though I'd need someone to fight with all those years to develop my system, or multiple people, and I'm not that social. Also, if it actually takes me 30 years.. I'd be in my 70s and hardly able to fight effectively by the time I perfect it.

Dingus asked 16 days ago · 11 answers

Is your bellybutton clean?

*checks* well, I can say there's no lint in it.

Pandy asked 16 days ago · 15 answers

How do you spot the difference between someone being nice (because they are a nice person) and someone being nice as an attempt to get close to you?

I don't know, if they ask you out, they're trying to get close to you? :p Also I feel like someone who's just trying to get close to you would be more agreeable/less likely to express disagreement about anything.

BidenLadysMan asked 16 days ago · 1 answer

Another tweet that head writer on She-hulk said that she feels more afraid of a white,drunk frat guy staring at her in the middle of the night than anything else. Well, statistically if she's attacked by a guy at night, I mean, I mean. He's not going to be white😏😆 statistics are not feelings, you can feel as you want. That's like saying I FEEL like I'm going to be attacked by a shark while sitting in my bathtub. Well...You're not😂

Everyone's anti straight white cis males these days, just because it's in. They don't have minds of their own.

Pandy asked 16 days ago · 11 answers

Do you fully understand your sexuality?

I don't know, I've never seen a need to question or analyze it.

LaDamaX asked 17 days ago · 14 answers

What brings you comfort?

Recently, accepting that my life has been a long series of one failure after another.

Anonymous Coward asked 17 days ago

Lets say that all of the cereal mascots were real. What kinds of scandals could you picture any one of them getting into?

Daniel asked 17 days ago · 17 answers

Which subject did you like the least at school?

Dingus asked 17 days ago · 6 answers

If you had to assemble a rag-tag band of ghost hunters from the user base on Retro, what 5 members would you choose?

Idk, first I'd have to ask which Retrospringers believe in ghosts. =P

Daniel asked 17 days ago · 10 answers

Do you think someone's worldview has a significant impact on their happiness?

Probably, and maybe even more importantly, their view on themselves or their place in the world.