Twitch Streamer, MMDer 💮 | 07/01 | ♋ | Pastel/Neon Freak | Autistic | Chronic ill

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Newbie Inspector asked 4 months ago

Since you're autistic, do you have any oversensitive emotions, or suppressed ones?

Ah yea I do! I'm also diagnosed with extra sensitive, so smells, light, and such are extra sensitive. Only thing suppressed is my reactions to gore and such, starting from age 10 of watching higurashi without flinching, and have a reddit feed called holyshit with um graphic things, as I don't react to death, but I try not showing that too often as it is the weird part of me

Newbie Inspector asked 5 months ago

What is your favourite console?

Hard to say atm, I grew up with a ps2 and Nintendo advance sp, but by years I also got a ps3, ps4, psp, ps vita, wii, wiiU, and switch. Right now it’s my switch that is used most, but each is special 💖 ps series for project diva, otome games, etc. and Nintendo for Pokémon my beauty and more!

Newbie Inspector asked 5 months ago

Who is your favourite musician?

Hmm that is hard, atm my playlist is mostly kpop, honkai ost, and wanima, but have so many I love

Newbie Inspector asked 5 months ago

What is the best thing about your country?

free health care, and with my insurance i have an specific amount every quarter, which when hit, will refund 100% of my meds money till next quarter <3 I would just make them take out my guts if i lived anywhere else, as all my treatment is free too <3

Newbie Inspector asked 5 months ago

What do you think about lizards?

they are so cute <3 and fascinating with their ability to regenerate limbs

Newbie Inspector asked 5 months ago

What do you do for fun?

Currently Minecraaaft <3 with shaders, and texture pack, i've been able to really love it. Even better is i've become more brave in it too OwO traveled so far

Newbie Inspector asked 6 months ago

What languages do you know?

Native is Danish, almost fluent English, extremely little German (gave up in school), and ofc learning Japanese and Chinese x3

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

If you could choose any artist to make your Live2D who would it be?

E-eh, any??? In that case, if I could, it would just an honor to have Miwashiba (△○□×) make it ;w; I've been such a fan since seeing their art in kradness' covers, and have loved their games as well!!

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

Have you ever had an accident?

I’ve fainted in school while sitting at my table so got a bruise that looked like a third eye, and had to get my glasses fixed xD I’ve also been Bambi on ice, since my dirt road was frozen solid with black ice, glided on my bike and fell, also have tried getting frost bites in my hand while cycling to school 😅

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

Which food do you love?

Right now I love broccoli a lot! It’s both great for you, but also a nice way to get crunch, texture and such which my autism like 😋

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

Fav Disney movie?

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

Do you have a unique feature?

Ah, yes I do!! Hard to believe, but I have the kanji 大 as a birthmark on my left calf x3 it even has the brushstrokes, which is crazy! Used to call it my jumping jack, but growing up, a classmate mentioned it looked Chinese or Japanese, so they found the character for me <3 So weird how I was born with it, to then have my Autistic obsession on Japan/China!!

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

What activity do you enjoy the most?

I guess graphics? I'm glad I no longer go on that school I went, but still love doing graphics for stream or other

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

What was the last thing you ate?

4 toasts with chocolate spread (plates of chocolate) and Nutella!

Newbie Inspector asked 7 months ago

Do you have a nickname?

Well Mei is short for Megumi, tho it's slowly become it's own. Other than that I have MeiMei and Memi