I enjoy rhythm games, Japanese arcade games, Linux, programming, anime, music and digital art. I'm actually a cat who tries to look human.


Paris, France

Any subject is fine! It's fun to answer questions so don't hesitate to ask anything!

Anonymous Cowardは6ヶ月前に質問しました
How was your weekend?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament on Saturday was really exciting to do! On Sunday I don't really remember what I did though, probably nothing important, which makes me a bit sad, I prefer it when I work on school or personal project at least a bit every day

Anonymous Cowardは6ヶ月前に質問しました
What you eating tonight?

Whatever my mother will cook, I'm alone with her for some days we are spending time together!

Anonymous Cowardは8ヶ月前に質問しました
If you could learn to do something really quickly and perfectly, what it'll be?

the entirety of game programming, so I could start doing fun personal projects without spending months on learning or relying on easy libraries

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
Favourite Christmas snack?

My mother makes really good Yule logs, chocolates are fine too

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
Whats your training routine for rythm games ?

I play for 1 to 2 hours at least once every 3 days or so, when I'm back home. Usually same game for the whole session. If I want to play multiple games I always start with IIDX because it has the tiniest timing windows, so I'm accurate af when I switch fro



Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
Any hobbies you'd like to pick up?

I tried to get into drawing and music production and actually did some cool stuffs! But programming and rhythm games took all my time, really. Sometimes I want to do video production/vlogs/podcasts, but can't move myself to actually do it.

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
Favorite dishes?

probably Bolognese spaghetti pastas? I think? 🍝
I like pretty normal stuffs

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
You shouldn't take pride in being an asshole

Yeah I too enjoy not-being-an-asshole way more

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
you are a cute cat :pat:

no u

why is your life shitty you have a gf that doesn't sound so shitty to me

having a gf (sadly) doesn't solve all of your life's problems, I have so much stuff to fix with myself, especially emotionally

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
What's your saturday dinner gonna be?

will be at gf's place so probably some traditional northern french stuff, can expect cheese

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
is asking "anything" still funny?

it's the worst thing ever please stop

Anonymous Cowardは9ヶ月前に質問しました
What are some plans/expectations for 2019?

Plans for 2019 hmm, driver license, IIDX 9th dan, and some cool personal programming projects

Anonymous Cowardは10ヶ月前に質問しました
What is you dream ?

Developer job that is not boring, big house with rhythm games arcade cabinets, cool personal projects that succeeds

Anonymous Cowardは10ヶ月前に質問しました
Si tu ne devrais choisir qu'un seul loisir à tout jamais, ça serais le quel ?

Développer, je pourrais coder toute ma vie je serais content uwu