Marshmallow of Madness and dabbler of MS Paint.

Discord: Wachalpharoh#9974

In your imagination
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Random or serious, I will undertake your inquiries.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 8 Answers
What have other people you've dated liked the most about you?

The 2 I usually get are I am funny and my hugs are the lol.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 9 Answers
Have you ever struggled with any mental health issues?

Like most in my generation I've had my bouts with depression.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 6 Answers
Why did your last significant other break up with you?

I was too much of a "geek", I was always this way, but I guess it wasn't cool no more in 2006 :P

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 7 Answers
If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?

1996, come back to the age when I could get sweet toys and my favorite discontinued candy, plus at that time I could walk at night alone as a child and not worry about criminals.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 9 Answers
What is the first thing you notice about a person? ...

I usually focus on people's hands then faces.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 10 Answers
Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?

Italy for a proper honeymoon, covid has restricted our travel plans, though it also allows us more time to plan and save up for something special in 2027 when everything calms down again lol.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 10 Answers
What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

Doodling - been doing it since I was a kid, helps me focus/de-stress Gaming - My uncle and grandma got me into it at a young age. Which is why I have such a strong disdain for the slow death of local co-op/split screen gaming. Pre-Covid - Swimming (I just


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Daniel asked 4 months ago · 16 Answers
Could all billionaires combined end world hunger?


Daniel asked 4 months ago · 15 Answers
Would you like to be a teenager again?

I would like to make some better decisions when I was a teen, but I wouldn't like being pushed around by hormones again

LaDamaX asked 4 months ago · 12 Answers
Im sure I’ve asked before, but what time is dinner time in your region/country? What do you call it— dinner, supper, or?

during the week around 6pm, on the weekend there is no set time. We call it Dinner, or Cena.

Daniel asked 4 months ago · 13 Answers
Why do some people like you?

I've been told I'm quite accommodating, but I've also been told I can be too blunt, so maybe people find enjoyment in being in the unique space of comfort and discomfort that I provide :P

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 8 Answers
Have you ever been arrested?

Nope, I did get detention twice, and had to clean up the school as punishment for vandalism, aka doodling on a bus seat.

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 9 Answers
What's Something You Want to Learn or Wish You Were Better At?”

Pixel Art, I'd love to get into it, since MS Paint during work can only take me so far

Shannon asked 4 months ago · 5 Answers
Who Are the Special People in Your Life?

My wife, my parents, my best friend... very generic answer I know

MERIDA asked 4 months ago · 14 Answers
What if your ex sent you a text message saying "I wanna sex you up"?

"That sounds like a YOU problem, God Bless"