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Ask something!

MERIDA asked 3 months ago · 12 Answers
What's the best way to make you shut the fuck up?

If you're not a close friend of mine, my trap is shut most of the time when I'm around you.

MERIDA asked 2 months ago · 9 Answers
What if?

"... you stop putting your vibrator in the dish washer? It's starting to smell fishy."

Pandy asked 2 months ago · 18 Answers
Zap! You've been cursed. You get to choose being forever ugly or forever poor. Which curse do you choose? (indecision = both curses)

Thanks but they both have already been bestowed upon me.

cLOUD asked 3 months ago · 13 Answers
What was your favorite Magic School Bus episode?

I used to watch it but I vaguely remember its episodes. Probably one of the episodes the bus goes into the human body.

MERIDA asked 3 months ago · 9 Answers
Have you ever tried octopus? Do you like it?

Wow! I didn't know you can eat octopus. It's so strange to me TBH.

Wasserpistole asked 3 months ago · 12 Answers
I need to know for sure: Who is your waifu or husbando?

Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

Daniel asked 3 months ago · 21 Answers
Do you think being a school teacher is a hard job?

Of course. Probably it might even be a dangerous job in the US because of school shootings ...

Wasserpistole asked 2 months ago · 10 Answers
What is something that you enjoyed doing in the past but not anymore?

Watching Football matches. I used to eagerly watch every Real Madrid match. Now I just follow its news or sometimes watch the highlights of the match.

Alice 💋 asked 2 months ago · 16 Answers
Would you rather have sex with someone incredibly attractive, but who isn't very good at it and seems disinterested or is it better with someone average looking if they're very into you?

The latter of course. "Being very into me" [no in a weird way] makes them incredibly attractive TBH.

Pandy asked 3 months ago · 12 Answers
What are your thoughts on 'transracialists' (people who choose to transition from one race to another to align how they identify themselves)?

I'm sorry but my Third World mind doesn't understand the question.

MERIDA asked 3 months ago · 4 Answers
Has Anyone seen the Netflix serie "Sex Life"? Thoughts?

No. I'm not a sinner.

MERIDA asked 3 months ago · 9 Answers
Is it better to be alone in life than being surrender by halfass people?

Sure but it's still better than being surrounded by asshats/assclowns/asswipes.

Shannon asked 3 months ago · 13 Answers
Have you ever had a interview that you think went badly?

Yup. I was asked to be present at an interview about something I barely knew. It was a Zoom meeting and was my first time that I had to speak English with another person. Some tech company offered some grants and we applied for one of them. Anyway, my cowo


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Wasserpistole asked 3 months ago · 12 Answers
Is there a polite way to tell somebody very, very thin, to better gain weight? How would you do it, if it was a friends friend for example?

"Remind me again! When did you start your hunger strike?"

MERIDA asked 3 months ago · 13 Answers
How does alcohol make you feel? I'm sleepy 😴

I'm sorry but I don't drink spirits!