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A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

I wasn't sure where else to mention but I LOVE THE OC YOU UPLOADED NAMED WINSOME !! Their design is absolutely darling and I'm excited to learn more about them !! If they're apart of a story, would you be willing to share some things about it :O ?

Aw, thank you ; o ; I'm touched you liked her enough to ask about her haha

I guess some info about her - she usually goes by her nickname, Winnie. Her dad is a rich business man who spoiled her growing up but then he wanted her to marry someone in a government position to give the family some good connections but she refuses (partly because she doesn't like the idea of being married off like a business a transaction, and partly because she isn't attracted to men). Her parents get big mad and says if she doesn't do what they say then she is gonna have to get a job and support herself, so she says fine she will... and she [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Your codes are amazing! Do you have any codes that are for (or just work for) literatures?

I have made 2 literature codes - a very old freebie called "Note" which I was about say was deleted but I went to double check and I actually do still have it! This layout is very old so I doubt it's my best but it can be seen here: & the css is still in my pastebin:

My old "blank" bundle also worked on literatures, this was a very simple bundle that only does light/dark mode & was retired cuz it's sales had declined compared to my other bundles. It can be seen here: & it's still up on my itchio here [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hello! First off thank you so much for your amazing templates they’re so helpful and it’s so kind of you to include freebies as well. I was wonder if on the “Gridly” one was it somehow possible to fill in only half a star on stats area?

the faded class just sets the opacity to 50% to fade out the star, there is not way to set the opacity of half an object. you can swap the ways the icons are done to use like the solid star, star-half-stroke then an open star to get a half filled in effect. This edit would require some understanding of how to use font awesome icons but is not that complicated

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hi! I have had the "overview" on my characters for a while now. I recently purchased the "tidy" bundle, and changed my global CSS to that. However, the buttons on the overview profile used to be a specific color - and now they're all white and changes to one of my primary css colors when I hover over them. Not only does the color clash with the specific character's setup, but the text is also white so you can't see what the buttons are for until you hover over them.

When purchasing a bundle, the only HTML I can 100% guarantee will work with the bundle is the HTML that comes with it. I have an explanation of this in my FAQ, but to summarize: coding is not magic, it doesn't all just fuse together seamlessly. When you purchase a bundle you are purchasing HTML & CSS code I have handwritten to all work together, if you're not using the HTML that comes with your bundle then there may be conflicts as it is impossible to write a code that would be compatible with all HTML templates.

I will say a lot of times these conflicts are pretty easy to resolve with some simple edits but that is the [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

I have an ooooold pokedex type layout from you back when you were lowkeywicked. You retired it. I was wondering if you plan on doing an updated version of a pokedex sort of layout (freebie or premium is fine) at some point. I really liked it and it worked well for my Pokemon OCs (still used on my Raichu, Iona, and my Raiveon pages).

A long while back I deleted all my old pokemon codes cuz I felt like they weren't "good enough" compared to the other ones out there that exist, which was kinda silly of me cuz some people used them so they weren't THAT bad but I was feeling pretty down at the time LOL

I don't have any current plans to make a new pokemon layout just cuz there are so many out there I don't think I have anything unique to contribute towards the niche. I do enjoy pokemon layouts and had fun making them, if you wanna PM me the one you're using I'll look at it; depending on which one it was I could possibly remake it for the bargain bin!

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

why is there a heart next to your name on TH?

Several years ago I was a beta tester for the site, and beta testers got custom icons next to their name as a thank you gift. There are other users around the site as well with custom icons, but I think a lot of them aren't as active anymore cuz they'd be older users.

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hello! I know you receive a lot of this type of question, but did you retire the freebie Darkly CSS? I still use it and wanted to give it to a friend, but had to copy-paste from my own profile. Do you keep archives of old codes?

i did retire it and i no longer have the code. i personally save some of my favorite old freebies but i don’t have a public archive and i didn’t save darkly. if you still have a copy saved to a profile feel free to share it with your friend. as long as it’s not a mass distribution i don’t mind if people share old retired freebies with friends

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

What's your favorite layout you've made so far?

The answer to this question changes over time... At the moment I think my fav thing I've made is Widescreen Bundle + Character Scroll HTML.

Honorable mentions to: - Tug Bundle + Character Card HTML - Frayed Bundle + Character Tabs HTML - Redux Bundle + Character Fringy HTML - Page character CSS

If you can't tell.. I have a preference for making character layouts LOL

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

have you ever considered making a mini bundle for all your retired codes?

i’ve tried bringing back retired things from time to time but i’ve found things that don’t do well the first time around don’t do well the second time either.

when things get old or i get tired of them, if they sell well then i will remake them; if they don’t sell well then i retire them!

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hiya! Just a tad bit confused, you mentioned having a bulletin called "Transfer Purchase History" (for the people who bought your bundles back on Gumroad), but I can't seem to find it in your Bulletins t.t has it been deleted?

I'm blind as a bat so I'm not sure if I'm overlooking it or if it's just not there anymore. Thank you in advance! :)

yah it was a couple months old and i regularly clean out my bulletins. people can still PM me about it tho if they need transfers, I’ll still do it !

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hi! For the Clean CSS, I wanted to remove the character header (the css for it is $character_header: off; i believe?) but I don't know how to edit the css. Do i have to somehow import it with the css link you pasted in the end?

I'm really new to CSS so i might sound pretty dumb here ToT i don't know how or where to import it but i'll try to figure it on my own!

i don’t really understand this question …. if you’re already using clean css (like you have it on your page and it’s all working good) then you just change the word “on” to “off” that’s it !

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

For Banner in the Topsy bundle, do you think you could ever add a version with a mood board? Kinda like toggle but with out the color bits at the bottom.

i will not ! if you’re comfortable with html you can def copy toggles moodboard code into banner tho, or pay someone to customize it for you. the moodboard is a bootstrap grid so it’d be super easy to copy over

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Have you ever retired or removed any old codes? I have a profile code credited to you (dated back to when you were eggy) and I wanted to recommend it to other users, but I can't seem to find it on your page! Apologies if I'm just missing it!

i retire them regularly ! i usually get rid of codes if they’re no popular, if the code is really old and i feel it doesn’t reflect my work well, or if i don’t like the layout design anymore.

some of my old layouts i do save (the ones where i like the design but am retiring cuz they’re not popular) so if you have the name of a specific layout you can inquire and i’ll let you if i have a copy around somewhere. the ones i don’t like anymore i just delete tho so they’re gone for good 🔪

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

Hello! I've been having some trouble with the theme player from the Toggle V2 freebie On your preview page the song plays when clicked, I've tried doing the same on one of my characters but instead I get sent to YT Is there any quick way to do this/fix this? I've tried figuring out how the link works but I end up botching the code :/ If not is there any way to quickly remove the link (music player) and just make it into regular text? :]

if you wanna get rid of the music player, completely remove the iframe code and instead wrap the song name in a direct link to the video; if you need help beyond this please try asking on the forums, as stated in my rules i do not provide troubleshooting or customization support for my freebies! there's people on the forums who can help or there is a TH coding discord server you can join:

A Curious Flamingo asked 6 months ago

What do you do for work, Pinky?

Im a web developer ! I’m part of a really big team that manages the internal site for store employees and sales reps for big company. I do backend and front end (and … QA LMAO we do our own testing too which always makes me sweat), my job is a mix of maintaining the existing site and helping make enhancements/new features for it.

Honestly my job is super boring but I really like the place where I work and the people I work with; my entire life I worked non wage retail jobs so I’m happy to have found a job that is laid back and doesn’t make me miserable.

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