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A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

I wasn’t asking for you to fix, I just thought you’d say it was because it’s limited to the original amount of box’s because I don’t think I broke the code because I messed around with other areas of the code and I was able to fix it fine, but thank you for the advice/resource I really appreciate it.

sorry if my answer wasn’t worded right. i meant more any type of question there is “how do i do this?” or “why isn’t this working?” i don’t handle - even if you’re not asking me to write the code for you you’re asking me to explain how to code you which takes more time and effort than me just writing the code LOL i am not someone who is good at explaining/teaching things, i like to write code but I don’t speak well. There are people in the coding discord that are able to answer questions/explain things really well so I always recommend them! Glad you were able to fix it tho, editing code yourself requires gaining a certain [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hello I have a question about your coding of “gridly” where I added an extra trivia box for quotes instead, but the layout between that and the characters relationship box won’t separate like I can’t get the boarder separation to appear for some reason, I hope this made sense.

users are responsible for all edits they wish to make to a template, i won’t fix your layouts if they break ! you can try asking on the forums or in the TH coding discord - be sure to link to the broken code, it is impossible to troubleshoot coding problems based off vague text descriptions or screenshots, people need to see the source code to help

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

I’ve got a question I bought a chara from someone his name is Tobias but the coding is off? And it’s all glitchy instead showing his name and your the one that they used for the coding and what not and. I was wondering how I fix it also idk how to credit someone who does coding but I’ll try to update it to pinky if I can I just wasnt sure how else to get ahold of you so I tried here

my best guess is WYSIWYG isn’t turned off properly, it ruins the code. follow my rules to turn it if off properly (don’t use the toggle, use display settings, i explain how to do this in my rules and troubleshooting tips) and paste in a fresh copy to replace the ruined coding. as stated in my rules i don’t support freebie content if you need help try asking on the forums or in the TH coding discord

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hypothetically, if someone were to want to do fan art/draw one of your ocs, would you be okay with that :O ? And if so, how would they send it to you :o

I think that’s very kind of you ! I don’t expect anything from people, if you like one of my characters Im super happy with just a fav on toyhouse 💕 if you did draw something you can just DM me on either of my accounts !

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

hi! very new to css and i wanted to know how i can import one ^^ thank you for your time, your codes have been helping me for quite a while!

i don’t fully understand this question … if you mean how to import one of my CSS, just copy the entire code i provide into the CSS box the import is in there. I have a few freebie CSS, if you can get those to work then you’re already doing what is needed

If you mean in general how how the CSS import feature works/you want to make your own imports, try asking on the forums !

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hello Pinky! Good morning/afternoon/evening. I was going throught my .doc files with old codes saved and came across this one []. I forgot which coder made it, and all I have for the credit URL is the old link to the "character profile", that has already been deleted. I wanted to ask if it was you who made it, so I can credit properly! Thank you!

i didn’t make this and i’m not sure who did, sorry !

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hi hi !! I hope you don't mind me asking some more questions about your ocs !! I wanted to know which ocs are together (romantically) and how they got together and if you have any who have crushes on one another (or one sided) if that makes any sense !

Hello! I don't mind OC questions, I think it's kinda neat someone might be mildly interested in my characters haha

I have a lot of couples in my stories, the character I choose to get art for/make profiles for are usually the main character + the most important side characters and romantic interests so I can get couple art LOL Honestly I have so many I'm just gonna list brief snippets cuz explaining them all would be way too long an answer, feel free to ask for details I suppose if there is a particular character you are interested in!

  • Charis & Nasim are a couple; their story is like a little fantasy romance tale

  • Berry [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

I had purchased your Gumroad “All of the HTML” and noticed the shop is closed in favor of Is there a way to get the same access on or would I have to purchase access again on

i can for itchio transfers, dm your gumroad purchase email (and please note there is a wait time for transfers, it usually takes me a few days to respond)

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

Hello Pinky! Do you happen to still have the character template that was similar to this one ( ) but was ocean/sea themed? I had it favorited but, it don't see it anymore ;w; I was hoping to buy it, if you still have it for sale >

The original has been retired and revamped into my redux bundle, I do still have the original on itchio here if you really want only the character profile

Please note this layout isn’t ocean themed tho, that’s just the demo colors i chose; all my bundles come in greyscale default cuz the colors are meant to be customized !

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

How can I make main images in one profile auto changes?

I don’t understand what you’re asking here, sorry ! If you’re looking for general coding help try asking on the forums tho

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 months ago

is it possible to have the whole TH header on the bottom of the page vs the top?

I suppose you could do it using flex display, though it would require some effort to get it looking right. I've never tried so there might be some issues in it I'm not aware of.

(And just to be safe I want to state: do not submit asks inquiring how to do this/code things, this is meant for questions relevant to my shop and the occasional personal question if someone, it's not a for random how-to questions)

A Curious Flamingo asked 4 months ago

hi! i’m not entirely sure if i’m able to ask this, but there’s an occurring problem with multiple freebies of yours, and when i copy/paste the code the code is broken. i’ve tested it out with a lot of other codes from others and so far they seem to work. apologies if this is breaks a rule of yours or anything! ^^’

it’s because your WYSIWYG is not turned off properly; turn it off the way i state in my rules and troubleshooting tips (do not use the toggle, you must do it the way my rules state) and paste in a fresh copy of the code to fix it

A Curious Flamingo asked 4 months ago

I bought the gradient bundle in itch but didn't have an account at the time, I tried linking my current one but the files still don't show up even on purchased. Is there a way to find the files? For some reason dumb me only saved the css part :c

itchio has a feature where they will resend your purchase to your email, you can request it here

A Curious Flamingo asked 4 months ago

Do you still have this layout anywhere for purchase, I absolutely LOVE it!

This is an old character profile named “Filled” ! I’ve retired the original but it can still be bought in my re-run pack if you want it:

A Curious Flamingo asked 4 months ago

Hello I recently purchased and I was wondering how you can get the icon to show up in the sidebar like in the third image. I tried messing with it but I can't seem to figure it out, any help would be appreciated! (I also tried to look for the live html preview for help but page doesn't exist)

third image is a user profile, it'll show on user profiles.

this layout is retired so it has no live preview, i only linked it cuz someone asked about literature css and this is my only bundle that ever covered literatures