Next to my blåhaj
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Please share with me your incredible thoughts, so I can ignore them.

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exister asked 4 months ago

Your pass to exist has been revoked. Please file a statement with the Department of Existing to continue existing.

I'm okay with just floating around without a physical body since that's often more of a burden than anything, if that makes my existence easier to tolerate, but I would like to still be able smell cofe and send good vibes to my friends. Hey maybe as a ghost I could get in the thoughts of politicians and convince them to make state-mandated blåhaj a reality 🤔

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

Opinion of SETUN?

I assume you mean a 1960 ternary computer that I knew nothing about before duckduckgoing it :p I guess computers that aren't just binary (enby computers?) are an interesting experiment and might be much more powerful but it involves reinventing everything because nothing is designed for other bases-you can't have compilers, you can't have bitshifting operators directly, etc. If you're going down this route, how about an analog computer to just have theoretical infinite precision? No more IEEE 754 \o/

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

This is merely a so-so thought.

That's okay, I can still ignore it just fine

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

Okay, so raclette is more of a swiss thing than a France-near switzerland thing then

I didn't know it was from switzerland, it is very common in France though. We are good at cheese making so we will gladly steal all the good cheese meals...

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

Are you having raclette and/or enjoying database fuckery rn?

Well I'm replying late so when this was asked I was messing around on windows XP, but today I had a meeting to discuss lots of SQL stuff at work related to the issues of trying to emulate a graph database in a relational database... And I need to plan some raclette this summer, 35+°C is the perfect weather for it

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

Does netscape tilde imply the existence of mozilla tilde,,,

Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked 4 months ago

They seem to have been fairly well gifted when it comes to evolution so it's a great option, but I would rather be a spectator of the world, or at least something without a physical body. Maybe sometimes interacting with cute internet friends to give them love and support, but otherwise I would be hidden away. Or maybe I could just be a blåhaj, giving lots of love in exchange for hugs..

A cute plushie asked 4 months ago

how gender are you

apparently I'm male but I just don't care about it, gender only causes discrimination

fristi asked 4 months ago · 8 answers


A cute plushie asked 6 months ago

How many countries do you estimate you could name at the top of your head?

Maybe like 50, if I wasn't allowed to spend a whole minute thinking about the next one lol

A cute plushie asked 6 months ago

Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes?

Regular potatoes, somehow I really don't like the taste of sweet ones.