it/nym ! no they or prns pls.

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eng/tag ! please attach working links then indicate if you'd like a non pro / standard / plus tut~


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♡ asked 35 minutes ago

hi~ ^_^ can u do a carrd tutorial on this??? https://bayside.crd.co/

im not sure who op is so idk if it's ok but its just absolute positioning and a scrollbar then the tv scanline can be found on my pastebin 🫶🏼

♡ asked 2 days ago

hii is there an existing tut for https://weheartit.com/entry/364818440

♡ asked 4 days ago
♡ asked 4 days ago

hii do u know whats the url of this crd https://weheartit.com/entry/363306014?context_set=188486523-crd-rkive&context_type=collection ? i wanna see how does it look on my devices to remake it but :-(

♡ asked 6 days ago

hihi! do you know how to get the rgb text like in this crd?: https://arson.crd.co/

idk which one ur talking abt cuz i dont see anything rgb (or the way how i would describe it) since it's just color flicker and text glitch effect (via text shadow)

color flicker on name: https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GUJ0433SBCDW

text glitch code: text-shadow: -1.5px 0px 0px #fc0d0d, 1.5px 0px 0px #0db8fc;

♡ asked 7 days ago

^^ op is fine with remakes

pls do note that remake is different with tutorials TT

♡ asked 7 days ago

hello https://zai.ju.mp/ and/or https://destroy.ju.mp/ pro plus tut?

cant dm op on the first, then the second has carrd comms.

♡ asked 7 days ago

do you know how to get the berry name thing on this carrd? ty! https://xn--nergy-rra.crd.co/

it most likely edited on photoshop and added a chrome text effect on it

♡ asked 7 days ago

heart menu person here again, u were right !!! plus i deleted the flip carrd p code and it works fine now, thank you:-( and im so sorry for bothering you that much 😭

♡ asked 7 days ago

heart menu person here, it looks the same as i showed u at the beginning 😭 nothing has changed, i forgot to mention it sorry kdkxkdkd

ur on mobile so check ur media rule.. its definitely the line height when its supposed to be line spacing 😭

♡ asked 7 days ago

how to add sound when clicking a link in crd?

♡ asked 8 days ago

okay so its the heart menu person again and i think i fcked something up im sorry to bother you 🥲 the code looks like this, take a look and maybe you'll find the problem:( its ok if u dont know whats wrong ! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IqfV99Bd_hwJj1lNanNUG0OwRg4owRkl

idk what to say or help cuz idk how it looks like in the output 😭

♡ asked 8 days ago

i didnt ig .. its like this 😭 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IaG6FLvtL9n4iCENVyupN375yvGpWn4a/view?usp=drivesdk it was like that in the code i copied but ill try to place it like u saidd thank u ~

yes add <br> it's a line break or what we call "return" or "enter" on our keebs

♡ asked 8 days ago

person who talked abt heart flip menu here, it should work now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GnIbsFSfBp2viListGWeOyxM8wIgbQCy/view?usp=drivesdk

did u place it like

index <br> rules <br> interests

♡ asked 8 days ago

hii the person who made this crd said that they doesn't allow pro standard tuts on their crds T~T https://twitter.com/virtualcrd/status/1596004498434326528?s=20&t=Ex7wuhFWk8cwv42f5o2NJQ

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