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sana lover · 1y

for this crd [ https://twitter.com/y2kcrd/status/1602108517627863042?s=46&t=QKzbbxfzYW-WCBOZZd1qrw ] can u pls share the shadow settings u used for the buttons n containers? and also how do u make the "close" button?

i just use the box shadow under for the buttons and containers which i'll leave below. the close button is also just a button

sana lover · 1y

hey can you do a tutorial for the scroll thing for carrd non-pro?

sana lover · 1y

henlo ! can u do a tut for this pls ? thanks <3 https://yu-e.carrd.co/

sana lover · 1y

sorry i found out the answer to my button side by side question 🥲 i was stupid
ty for the tutt

there's no stupidity when it comes to carrd making! if you have any other questions lmk <3

i just posted i'm doing non-pro tuts only. op also has comms open so i would maybe reach out to them

sana lover · 1y
sana lover · 1y

hii do u know how to use code pen codes??

i have no idea what those are, i’ve kinda fallen out of the swing of coding tbh 😭

sana lover · 1y

thanks for answering me <3 i found all the gifs on your carrd after searching i'm sorry if i asked a stupid question carrd is something new to me

noooo it wasn’t a stupid questions at all!! i’m glad you were able to find them <3

sana lover · 1y

i cant find the gifs to make this carrd 😭😭 pls helpp https://twitter.com/y2kcrd/status/1555241655879536640?t=WfHO-FXHP3Nk9i-gBCZXUQ&s=19

sadly the resource crd i used is no longer published so i honestly have no clue where you could find them 😭

sana lover · 1y

do u know who the original creator for this is bc there’s no credit in the tutorial but in the video in the start of the thread I see the little copyright c at the bottom:


i honestly don’t have the slightest clue 😭 that was made by an extremely old admin when we were all still active on that acc and i have no idea where they are now

sana lover · 1y

may i have a copy of https://✿.drr.ac ? my email is [email protected] thank u!

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