Anon asked 12 months ago

What’s your favorite thing about morticia?

AHHHHHH I COULD GO ON FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!! but if I had to pick just one or a couple, for how I see her as a 1:1 to Morty but of course there are always going to be slight differences with being socialized, but for me I love her loser aura. I always draw her hyper romanticized because that's my ultra ultra love vision but she's this anxious, loser, terminally horny girl who gets swept up by all of Rick's nonsense. I love her twitchyness, I love her being this gangly form in that mode where you're kinda growing into your bones and NOTHING feels right in your body and that uncomfortableness swarming in her brain from all these hormones doing an extended one two knock out beat em up in her brain. I love her when she's pathetic I love her when she's the kind of girl who sees how long she can go without washing her bra cause she's just not feeling up to it.
IN SUMMARY (LMAO OH GOD IM SORRY IM LIKE THIS ABOUT HER LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO), my favorite thing about her is her "bottom of the social and familial importance ladder rung" super loser awkwardness.

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