ASL Trio Zine

A fanzine dedicated to Ace, Sabo, and Luffy of One Piece!

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Anon · 8d

hi! so excited for this! do you guys have a date in mind for when you announce what the theme of the zine is gonna be?

Hi there nonny! Thank you for your support! We will be announcing the theme within the week, so stay tuned!

Anon · 2mo

Ahh!! Absolutely looking forward to when the interest check drops!! 😭Unfortunately I fall a few months off from the 18 at time of applying req, but I still look forward to supporting from the sidelines!!

Hi nonny! So so glad you’re excited! We are incredibly excited to see so much interest in the project! We hope to make an amazing zine that you and everyone else will love! 🔥🎩👒

Anon · 2mo

Hey, tricky question I know, but is this a zine that is welcoming to people who have written noncon/incest/other dead dove content on the side, or will there be a big deal made about it/judgments based on that? It's cool if this is an "anti" zine but would like to know up front : ) Thanks!

Hi nonny! All contributors are free to create whatever content they want outside of the zine. This will be a sfw zine in regards to content but we have a strict anti-harassment rule. This means that all contributors and mods are protected from harassment in regards to what they do outside of the zine.

Anon · 2mo

hi just thought I'd let you know that the link to your IC in your carrd just links to google search!

Anon · 2mo

Hi. It's very hard to read your carrd with the blue color. Is it possible you can ether change it to make it more accessible or make a text document for people to read?

Hi nonny! So sorry for the delay! We created a new east-to-read carrd for those who need it. Hope this helps!

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